Episcopal gay bishop/advocate bails out of own gay marriage

Stranger than fiction.

1st openly gay Episcopal bishop to divorce husband

NEW YORK (AP) — The first openly gay Episcopal bishop, who became a symbol for gay rights far beyond the church while deeply dividing the world’s Anglicans, plans to divorce his husband.

But it what his remarks that caught my attention:

“It is at least a small comfort to me, as a gay rights and marriage equality advocate, to know that like any marriage, gay and lesbian couples are subject to the same complications and hardships that afflict marriages between heterosexual couples,” Robinson wrote.

“All of us sincerely intend, when we take our wedding vows, to live up to the ideal of ’til death do us part. But not all of us are able to see this through until death indeed parts us.”

Robinson declined to comment further Sunday to The Associated Press. Robinson has never been fully accepted within the more than 70 million-member Anglican Communion, which is rooted in the Church of England and represented in the United States by the Episcopal Church. More

So its comforting to know the same fate applies to gay marriages? Only in this fallen world would that be considered comforting. It is a great symbol of equality when both end in divorce. That is a cause to celebrate.

I thought they were going to show us how it’s done and give us a lesson on “commitment”? Does that mean there could be a celebration commemorating the divorce? I wonder.

On second thought, now I’m confused whether to send sympathies or congratulations.
(that’s one for Dear Abby)

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