Al Gore okay in Paris

Well, as long as Al Gore was okay, which is what we were all wondering. He and Michael Bloomberg were both in Paris, as was someone from the Weather Channel.

Brian Williams got confirmation about their safe whereabouts in his Paris coverage.

He didn’t account for the rest of Paris’s population, but at least those were okay.

Nanny Bloomberg’s Roadshow

Bloomberg is taking his nanny state on the road. Now he cranks up a campaign in other states against guns. Unapologetic, he believes his job is to spend his money to influence laws and regulations in other states, namely against guns. But that is only the beginning.

Bloomberg sets out on a 12 million dollar ad buy against guns — 12 million in 13 states.


Determined to persuade Congress to act in response to that shooting, Mr. Bloomberg on Monday will begin bankrolling a $12 million national advertising campaign that focuses on senators who he believes might be persuaded to support a pending package of federal regulations to curb gun violence. The ads, in 13 states, will blanket those senators’ districts during an Easter Congressional recess that is to be followed by debate over the legislation.

Michael Bloomberg’s roadshow, complete with nannies, could be coming to a town near you. Fasten your safety belts and hide your guns.

How about they set up roadblocks to his roadshow? Maybe checkpoints and spot checks to see if anyone is under the influence of Mike. Anyone caught “under the influence” should be forced to undergo a psychological evaluation. There’s a Nanny State for you. We really need to get them off the streets to keep us safe. Maybe some billboards saying “Nanny Bloomberg stay out.” How about an ad with the soundtrack “hit the road, Jack and don’t you come back no more, no more”?

‘The hell with the tired and poor…

give me all your guns!’

What we really need is a counter movement. How about Mayors against Mike to start with, or MAM for short?

Just say no to Mike: “No – MAM”