Pat Dollard has scoop on Bergdahl fiasco


‘Ashamed To Be American’: Released U.S. Prisoner Bowe Bergdahl Is A Filthy, Anti-U.S. Deserter And Traitor Who Deserves To Be Dead, Father A Jihadi

This guy sounds like he’s right up Obama’s alley. His dad is a jihadi, complete with jihadi beard, as anyone who is “working to free all Guantanmo prisoners” is a jihadi, defacto at least, since we all know many-to-most of them will return to the battlefield. Oh, and let’s not ignore the terrorist threat against the U.S. he also makes in the tweet “God will repay for the death of every Afghan child.” This whole story is horrifically fishy and we’re going to investigate further. And the punishment for desertion is death, btw.


We heard that he is having a hard time understanding and speaking English. Really? There is a video from Bowe in December 2010, where he was speaking perfect English in a plea to release him and other prisoners in Gitmo and Bagram, Afghanistan. He denounced the long war and those that died on both sides. Yea, hard time speaking English all right. Sailboats, motorcycles and family were among the things he missed.

But it was perfect timing to a President who needed another photo-op at the end of a hard week. What about those who died in action while looking for him? Just the type of prisoner Dems would like. Something is pretty fishy with all of it.