Whiplash post Trayvon

People who claimed all along Trayvon’s shooting was about race, go out of their way to say this is not about race, as two black teens and one white shoot Australian college student, Christopher Lane, out of boredom.

Whether you think this shooting is race-related or not, it is amazing how quick they spin around in whiplash to say this has nothing to do with race. (The glove doesn’t fit…)

Then the wider factor: these shooters are essentially victims of a community, culture. They run out to dismiss racism from the conversation after talking about nothing but race for months. And after dismissing the cultural concerns surrounding Trayvon, like Chicago. Now ‘its the culture, stupid.’

Mark Geragos, CNN, suggested in the Zimmerman case that race is embedded in the justice and jury system, so race is unavoidably part of our process. Now he says the criminal justice system has been politicized. We don’t need Obama or pols politicizing this senseless shooting of an Australian college kid.

Now they tell us that it is the wider problems are to blame for this senseless boredom killing. They search for reasons to explain away the conduct of the killers. Remember, it is not race related in any way. But Zimmerman’s actions were driven by race.

See how they spin…whiplash…. what racism? (Video from CNN)

But this part is cut from the video, where Wright explained their change of heart:
KING: Crystal, it’s sad and we can’t jump the gun here, innocent until proven guilty. Sad to look at the young faces. You say that it’s not a gun problem but a breakdown of the Black family. How so?
CRYSTAL WRIGHT, CONSERVATIVE BLOGGER: Well, I want to go back to a little bit what Mark was saying. And you know, this is about race. It might not necessarily be a hate crime but it is very much about race. And what bothers me and strikes me about the media’s whole characterization about this case is never once do we hear about the fact, that two of the killers are Black, two Black teens killing a young White male and when we contrast that to Trayvon Martin, the news media rushed to judgment really quickly. And they said before charges were even brought against George Zimmerman, remember, it was a White man who savagely gunned down a young Black teen. And I think what this tells us is that America has gotten used to and numb to the fact that young Black males are doing the killing.
And that, however, at the same time when the news media reports on a crime, a heinous crime like we see where Christopher Lane, there is no acknowledgement of the reason why young Black males are killing. And you danced — you know, dancing around the fact. Let’s be politically correct.
This was a heinous, savage crime and the fact is, James Edwards did post White hate on his facebook page, on his twitter account, and he glorified hip-hop, which is also part of the problem. So yes, the fact that 73 percent of all Black babies are born into households that where they don’t have two parents is a huge problem. And I want to know when are we going to honestly talk about the problem? And Mark, it’s not — it is open and shut? So it’s open and shut when a Black — when Black kids kill a White boy, it’s open and shut. But it’s not — oh, God, it’s not open and shut when we know that White — and George Zimmerman, by the way, was not White. Remember, he was conveniently recast as a White-Hispanic, right?
I mean, the case should have never been brought to trial. I’m just — this makes me upset to my core because this is a setback for race relations in America on the 50th anniversary of what Martin Luther King fought for. [the video picks up after that]
Description: “As attention on the so called “boredom” killing of college student Christopher Lane grows, so do questions about the role of race. Some are already comparing it to killing of Trayvon Martin, and questioning why the media, and President Obama are not handling it the same way. Criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos, conservative blogger Crystal Wright, and B.E.T. editorial brand manager Michaela Angela Davis weigh in on the case.”

Michaela Angela Davis says “it’s bottom-feeding to make this about race.

This is absolutely not about race, Davis said. Asked about the phone calls Obama has made to others like Trayvon’s family, Davis says “the president felt the entire whole world was mourning for Trayvon”. She says he can’t be calling families of every victim.  But Lane was a student from another country. Its simple, there is no political benefit for the community organizer in chief to wade into it, like everything else he stuck his nose in.

Peter Lane told Australian media there was no explanation for his son’s death.

It is heartless and to try to understand it is a short way to insanity,” he said.