Oh no you didn’t

You didn’t build that!

I get a kick out of the argument over what Obama said. Obama and the left say it is ridiculous, that’s not what he meant. Okay, what about it? They said he was talking about roads and bridges. So he meant, “didn’t build the roads and bridges”. That is their point. But does it really matter? They both mean the same thing. One is a more subtle way of saying the same thing. Both statements lead to the same destination. And there is no question about the destination: that “you didn’t get there on your own” and no one really does.

So what difference does it make if he meant “build that” business or referred to roads and bridges, when either one would be the same argument? If they have their revision, it’s the same argument. And when you hear the whole context, there is no doubt what he was talking about. He was talking about the same thing. It clearly means you didn’t build that business by yourself, that you had help, or that you could not have built it yourself.

What if the owner did not build the roads and bridges, they still built a business. Must they have built the whole infrastructure in order to say they built their business? Be serious. Businesses never claimed o have built all the roads and bridges themselves. But Obama, like Elizabeth Warren, was knocking business owners and entrepreneurs down a few pegs. To humiliate them that their success was contingent on the rest of the country and the government, or others. The point: to shame them into feeling they owe government and telling them that their businesses are dependent on government and others. But did government or the rest of the country share in the risk of that business? Did government put in the hours and sweat? Obviously not.

It seems to be a one-way street with Liberal progs. They don’t want to admit that government reaps rewards of individual’s hard work. Nor admit that government has a dependency on individual businesses. (some feel it is a parasite feeding on the fruits of their work) Society benefits from them. But so-called “progressives” want to dismiss that part of the two-way “highway”. They opened this can of worms to send a message to business owners out there, to make businesses and owners appreciate government. “Government made your success possible, now pay up.”

But don’t you think government ought to appreciate the businesses and entrepreneurs a little? Show some love and appreciation. Don’t kick them in the teeth and then try to tell them all government did to help them. So everyone should rally around singing praises to government? Oh, forget the obstacles it throws up and roadblocks it constructs. And it is not like government – big as it is – can do everything on its own. It doesn’t fix your car, manufacture a refrigerator for you, or set your broken bone, or perform surgery on you. Uncle Sam doesn’t do it all by himself. (I know that is hard for Liberals to accept) That rebar they put in the road or bridge came from somewhere. The government doesn’t make the asphalt in the White House, and it doesn’t make concrete on the South Lawn. It doesn’t create or supply the inventory. It didn’t make the armor for its own vehicles. The money comes from taxpayers and those trucks pay highway and road taxes. People buy muni bonds.

We are only arguing about it because the left wants to create the illusion that they and Obama did not mean what they clearly said, even though you are supposed to get the intended message – loud and clear. Message received. And the Left certainly knows what they are saying and what they meant. Instead, they’d rather deny that is the message while saying that the message is true. Got it?

And now Obama runs an ad to say his words were taken out of context. The meaning and context are the same either way.

As always, your comments and Rants, Rhymes, or Reason are welcome.