Here’s what Obamashirts think

Here comes Obama’s Organizing for Action brownshirts to the rescue.
Protesting the protestors: Gangsta Gov calls in the thugs.


ObamaCare, we know what’s in it… voter registration

Its finally out of the bag. An army of brownshirts, partial to Obama, will be unleashed to help people “navigate” the ObamaCare wonderland. You will be paying them well.

You are here = *D*

Tens of thousands Obamacare ‘navigators’ to be hired

April 3, 2013 | 4:44 pm

Tens of thousands of health care professionals, union workers and community activists hired as “navigators” to help Americans choose Obamacare options starting Oct. 1 could earn $20 an hour or more, according to new regulations issued Wednesday.

The 63-page rule covering navigators, drawn up by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, also said the government will provide free translators for those not fluent in English — no matter what their native language is.


The rules allow navigators to come from the ranks of unions, health providers and community action groups such as ACORN and Planned Parenthood. They are required to provide unbiased advice.

Some in Congress are already wary of the navigators. Louisiana Republican Rep. Charles Boustany Jr., chairman of the House Ways and Means Oversight subcommittee, has raised questions about a voter registration provision in the Obamacare application Americans will have to fill out to receive health care, and whether Democratic-leaning activists will influence which party people choose to join.

The 61-page online Obamacare draft application for health care includes asking if the applicant wants to register to vote, raising the specter that pro-Obama groups being tapped to help Americans sign up for the program will also steer them to register with the Democratic Party.

On page 59, after numerous questions about the applicant’s identity and qualification for Obamacare, comes the question: “Would you like to register to vote?” The placement of the question could lead some to believe they have to register to vote to get health care.

In the introduction of the document, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services declare: “This document — the ‘questionnaire’ — represents each possible item that may need to be asked for successful eligibility determinations.”

Did we think it was just about healthcare? That’s a jioke. Now comes the Casablanca moment: they are “shocked” and nobody knew this was in it. Just another one of those pesky irrelavent details.

Maybe now you’ll have to register “to find out what’s in it”? Guaranteed to be “just another manufactured problem by Republicans“.

Makes one curious what the qualifications will be for “navigators”?

“The brownshirts are coming…the brownshirts are coming!”

Obama worse off script than on script

Repetition of ‘They Deserve A Vote’ Wasn’t in Obama’s Prepared Remarks

      By     Elizabeth Flock —  US News

February 13, 2013

President Barack Obama went off-the-cuff in more  than 20 places throughout his approximately 7,000 word State of the  Union speech Tuesday night. And each time, it seemed the president was  motivated to do so by a certain point he wanted to hammer home.

The  most interesting ad-lib happened when Obama spoke about gun control,  delivering an impassioned repetition of the phrase “They deserve a  vote,” in reference to victims of gun violence, including of the  December shooting in Newtown. In his prepared remarks, Obama said the  phrase “they deserve a vote” just once, then named the victims, then  reiterated that “they deserve a simple vote.” When he got to the podium,  the president added in the phrase four more times.

George  Lakoff, a professor of linguistics at the University of  California-Berkeley and a Democratic political strategist, says the  repetition of “they deserve a vote” was a reflection of a speech he says  was all about empathy.

“He’s saying… ‘Do you have empathy  for the victims? Are you afraid to even say that you don’t?’ It’s an  emotional moment. He’s saying ‘Look, who are you?'” The moment was made  stronger, according to Lakoff, because “the other guys [in Congress]  were just just sitting there not clapping, saying nothing.”

See more: US News and World Report

Maybe someone should tell Obama that America beat him to it. They already ratified the second amendment a couple hundred years ago. But not even a month into office, he reveals he isn’t going to keep his oath or any law he so chooses. Ignore the Constitution.

If he wanted a memorable tag line, he could call to “repeal the second amendment” and say “these people deserve it”. So the radicals who go into psychotic fits when they hear “repeal ObamaCare” — a law that isn’t even in full force yet, with no Constitutional authority, and which isn’t finished– want to repeal a Constitutional Amendment but they aren’t even honest enough to say it.

Now the Constitution “needs a vote”, even if they are ignoring it. So repeating that line over and over gives it some legitimacy? ‘Vote on emotion, ignore the Constitution.’ People thought four dead Americans in Benghazi deserved a response. He doesn’t care about that. Demand a vote on a budget? Secure and protect the Constitution? Nah. Too busy with gun banning gun control…too busy organizing brownshirts or blackshirts.

Too bad he didn’t run on gun banning in the campaign. How would that sound? “I, Barack Obama, want to repeal and abolish the second amendment…vote for me… And I’m not too thrilled with the first one either.”

“Click your heels three times and repeat….” — and hope no one catches on. His rhetoric has all the legitimacy of a stink bomb even if he has people cheering him.

Banana Republic

Some people say we are now a “banana republic”. I take extreme issue with that. We are now a rotten tomato mobocracy. It only took how many years?

And …

The Brownshirts are coming…the Brownshirts are coming.
Oh, remember this Boxer statement about ObamaCare protestors?

And yes, they called Tea Partiers Brownshirt protestors too. Albeit nicely dressed Brownshirts, according to Boxer. Maybe the problem was the optics; they looked like middle class Americans. Oops. Progressives can’t have that especially if Libs claim to speak for and support middle class America. Tea Partiers should have dressed, you know, like protestors.

But that was about speaking truth to power. In the Left’s case,  the power is speaking down to the drones that will believe them no matter what. Hence, brownshirts. Obama keeps telling them call your reps and tell them you want ObamaCare, tell them you want spending, tell them you demand gun control, etc. The home of “Astroturf” is the Democrat Party, but don’t let the truth get in their way.

And yet here is Benjamin Carson speaking at the prayer breakfast. Keep an eye on Obama

But you can see Michelle applauding throughout, while stiff-necked Obama sat like a stewing tyrant. His nation of thugocrats does not appreciate the truth, especially when it convicts them.

The Brownshirts are coming…the Brownshirts are coming.

Can’t you smell what Barack is cooking?