It’s an ugly day in the neighborhood

Years back when someone coined that “its a beautiful day in the neighborhood” phrase, things weren’t as bad. Our debt wasn’t what it is now. Oh, for the good old days of just irrational spending…and the occasional scandal.

When Obama ran saying he wanted to structurally transform America, we see what he meant. No one can deny it. You know them by their fruits, and these fruits are rotten. It’s like someone painting a rotten apple an attractive shade of red. It has the same effect.

At least the good news is apparently the rosy-eyed millennials have recovered from their vacation from sanity. Though the damage is done. They thought Obama was sticking it to others, whilst he was sticking it to them. That’s the way their politics roll. It may not be full-contact but sooner or later it bites you in the ass.

Now that the neighborhood has already been wrecked, they’ve come to their senses. Heck, they wish for a do-over. But unfortunately, once a neighborhood goes bad it takes a lot to fix it. And, in this case, it is not a question of money. Finally, something progressives can’t claim money will fix.

So 52% of 18-24 year-olds would throw Obama out of office. Care to join the neighborhood watch? Obama must be chuckling, “join the club”. Sanity shows up, they’d like to repeal Obama and ObamaCare — if only they could. Not the youthful revolution he wanted. What would sentiments be if we started impeachment?

On a related partisan note

To combat the rush for the exits, the left just digs in its heels. It is scorched earth, as far as they’re concerned. Everyone else is waking up to a horrible reality, but not them. Their latest talking point — which, as any narrative of the left, spreads like wildfire in a windstorm — is complaining about congress. Particularly about vacation time.

They want to know how Boehner and company can leave town with so much at stake? Their exact talking point is that Congress has only passed 52 laws this session, an all time low. Yea, that would tick them off.

As most of America is trying to digest ObamaCare, the Leftoids  are screaming that Congress hasn’t done enough in passing legislation. Forget the reality of Reid’s Senate. That’s why nothing could ever get through. Only 52 paltry laws is criminal. They rattle off a wishlist but the budget and debt are not priorities, if even mentioned.

Adding to the injury, the institutionalized bureaucracy has been very busy writing laws and Obama has been busy rewriting laws. Didn’t Obama want an obsolete, defanged congress anyway? I thought that was his plan. So the Left is complaining about congress not doing enough, while even millennials do not appreciate what government has done. Is there a disconnect there, or what?

Let’s hope millennials get on board the next “change”… changing us back to a Republic.