Cadillac pushes Lib talking points

Cadillac Presents: Liberal Talking Points Live

GM signs sponsorship deal, remains in debt to the taxpayers

 BY: Bill McMorris  – Free Beacon
August 16, 2012 11:03 am

General Motors has moved in a decidedly more liberal direction since raking in a $50 billion government bailout from the Obama administration.

The company pulled its funding from two embattled conservative legislative groups in June, saying that it did not want to get intertwined in politics. But that has not stopped the troubled carmaker from throwing its advertising money behind the liberal Huffington Post.

Cadillac, GM’s luxury automobile brand, is a founding sponsor of HuffPost Live, the liberal website’s video sister site. Its advertising dollars have given a new platform for Obama mega-donor and serial misogynist Bill Maher to wax political about “stupidest woman in the world,” Sarah Palin.

So GM wants to distance itself from politics while hopping into bed with the left. Who says you can lead a horse to the trough but you can’t make him drink? At the same time that their stock has fallen, this seems like a great investment? (just saying – not drawing a cause and effect)

Unless he thinks the market is that lucrative and under harvested on the far left. Then to drop the more conservative side, does that make sense? I can’t imagine what could be next for GM. But I’m sure between marketing and the Liberal need, they can up with something. If the object is to further devalue the stock America owns in the company, they might be on to something.