See Change vs Sea Change

You might have expected this “Best” talk before or just after his inauguration, but now?

At Daily Kos they had this piece “Obama: best president ever” (then saying, updated with caveats) Well, however they meant it, however many caveats, it doesn’at even  pass the smell test. But I saw this in there which really made me chuckle.

“But I think about Carter and his deer-in-headlights helplessness in the face of the nation’s problems and internal institutional resistance to reforms he sought; his seemingly endemic cluelessness – painfully visible even watching his speeches today – about how things look and what a situation calls for; his slow-paced, countrified, reverential attitude making it clear he thought himself to be President of an America that hadn’t existed in decades.”

Okay, anyone else see glaring similarities in this statement to Obama? Just as most of those criticisms of former presidents could very well apply to Obama. But that doesn’t matter to the left when one starts out to disprove conventional wisdom or rationality. Lets face it, many people see  the plague of problems in this president, which is why the left keeps touting the polls, “but people like him, personally”. So if anything they could start a campaign that he is the most likeable, or dare I say popular, in a “star search” kind of way,  But in job performance he is severely lacking and aloof. Plus he had no business saying or promising what he did because he knew practically nothing about the job he so desperately  sought. That is just fact.  And that is only where the irony begins.

Since then Barack has used a measuring stick to question the experience and character of his opponents. Not to his own inexperience though. One would think that would be a challenge even for the magical Obama to do. But not a problem for Hypocrite in Chief.

And oh, by the way, remember those great speeches that had people in tears, tingling, and fainting complete with Roman columns? Well, how do you think those are going to look and sound when looking back? I would say they will probably lose something in the translation. I doubt they will sound like the epic, tide-turners they were billed to be at the time. They and he won’t have the same effect on people they did then. Its just the way it works. And the more people know the more they are finding that ironically it was really as Obama said in one of his great speeches, “just words” — which were even stolen.

*Hat tip to The Busy Post for originally blogging the article, in its absurdity.

First La Raza President

…or is it First La Raza resident of the Oval Office?

Okay, so it has come to this fiat law on immigration. Well, I suppose now we can say he’s the first La Raza president, since it’s one chunk of what they’ve been asking for, served up unconstitutionally. Another ornament to hang on the Obama tree.

See, we already had the first African American president, quite literally on that one. We’ve had the first woman president (that’s right, Barack again), we had the first gay president, and first LGBT president, we had the first union president, the first Socialist president and so on.  The list is long and they aren’t finished. By election every one of their favorite demographics will be on it. Or you could say the “first fruit-picker president” too, and that would mean as much as the Nobel Peace Prize he won – not for what he did but what he would do.

So now that we had the first cotton-pickin’ president etc, and everyone accepts it, can we finally move on please? For one thing, where he got the power to do this. He created it from whole cloth, just like so many titles and his Peace Prize. Its all fiction; we’re now living in The Land of Make Believe. Any day now the cloud is going to descend around him and he will declare himself The First President of the Universe. (to Bill Clinton’s objection) But is there any other title he would like? I mean what’s left for the second term he is demanding? Yea, he claims to deserve that despite his record, the same way Mr. Zero-experience deserved to be elected.

Let’s put his alternative reality aside for a moment. He saw Rubio coming up on his flank and said ‘gee, I’m going to create a fiat law and head him off.’ But “this is not politics”, he tells us.  Just like he tried to steal every other idea he thought might be popular – while needing to be the first. Hillary, unfortunately, was just one of many he climbed on the back of and stomped on the way up the ladder. HillaryCare is now “ObamaCare”. Bill Clinton thought he deserved the title of ‘first Black President’, ha ha, until Obama came along and made Billy into a racist. (that should teach him) 

We may have thought George Wshington was the greatest president…until Obama came along. (by his opinion)

So Rubio, look out. It doesn’t matter if you say you aren’t running, king Obama sees you as a threat so watch out. He had Petraeus installed where he could be no threat to the great one. We saw what they did to Sarah Palin. They are foaming at the mouth at Allen West and his popularity, ‘must destroy him’.  They just declared Newark Mayor, Cory Booker “dead” to them because he stepped out of line, off script. And we haven’t even seen the Democrats’ Convention yet. Notices are probably out: “anyone stepping out of line will be burned at the stake. We’ll take no prisoners.”

As he continues his vendetta across the nation, he will preach about civility in politics and changing the way Washington works. You can count on that lecture coming. And let’s not forget the weekly sermons on “fairness”. Did Democrat pols ever think their political futures would hinge on their mandatory support for one “Barack Obama”? Someone should have warned them. The bus is revving up and waiting for the next volunteer or example to the rest. “Stay on the plantation, or suffer the consequences. And no trespassing for Republicans.” He’ll have a tire with your name on it.

So La Raza enjoy your day in the sun, soak in all you can. Did you think this was about your agenda? Come on, really. (…then take a number by all the others) What’s next, maybe the gang vote?

Obama memo to Cory Booker: ‘I see dead people.’

Hypocrite in Chief

Did you hear the one about Obama wanting another term? Stop me if you heard this one, but it’s hilarious.

Now this should be joke and have all knee-slappers out there hysterical.  He says Romney is the wrong guy and has no economic plan. Obama does? Wait, Geithner already admitted Obama had no plan to reign in debt, but they do know they “don’t like” Republican’s plan. Come on, shouldn’t he have a better punch line for a joke? Oh right,  it’s not a joke; he is serious.

So here’s another blunder: The prez complains in his campaign that Repubs ordered a steak dinner and stuck him with the tab. And then Obama takes a few guests for surprise early Father’s Day lunch, and he promptly skips out on the bill.  But it was only 55 dollars that they later paid, after being shamed. And that says nothing about leaving a tip.

He is running ads telling people ‘he has their back, so they should have his back.’   Some joker he is….when he’s not being Hypocrite-in-Chief.


Caroline and Obama

(This should have made celebrity media as the breakup of the century)

One of the revelations in Klein’s book is that JFK’s daughter, Caroline, had a falling out with Obama. I’m no Kennedy fan but that is a remarkable fall. Think about it. From someone who said he was the all-inspiring person to her that her father was for others, to where she can’t stand him; that’s a long drop. Now Caroline is no brilliant political strategist, and proved it when she tried running for the Senate.

The only reason it matters at all is to show how misguided she was about Obama. She did not really know him.  Barack’s loopy sycophants knew so little about him yet chirped on his every word. So it demonstrates how Obama has fallen out of favor with people. The only problem is these former loyalists are in a pickle now that they have to support him like the robots they are. Where is Caroline going to go?

Caroline, did you really think he cared anything about JFK’s legacy or anyone’s? You really should have opened your ears a little in ’08.

Forward and Downward

 That should be Obama’s new campaign theme.

As compared to “onward and upward”, which is exactly the opposite of Obama.

Obama adopted a campaign theme of “Forward” but actually under his dismal leadership we are headed downward at record speed.

  • Item: leaks, leaks and more leaks about defense and national security operations.
  • Item: foreign policy debacles… rather than the self-ordained expert the left claims.
  • Item: politicizing everything for his campaign — along his never-ending campaign.
  • Item: unemployment remains at stubborn highs especially among many groups.
  • Item: Obama’s war on energy — and in effect part of  his war on the economy.
  • Item: our relationship with Israel
  • Item: his treatment of our allies
  • Item: Obama’s promise to Russia to be more “flexibile” after his “last election”.
    [To Russia, with affectionate love]
  • Item: Fast and Furious coverup, along with the ongoing Dep. of Injustice.
  • Item: the debt denial and his arrogance of shoveling more big-spending on us.
  • Item: Obama’s obsession with “class wafare”.
  • Item: his persistent push to raise taxes.
  • Item: his air assault on the Constitution
  • Item: his attacks on and disdain for the Supreme Court
    (long an ally of  the socialist left)
  • Item: then politicized departments under his divissive, partisan leadership.
  • Item: ObamaCare, hovering like a huge funnel cloud over us.

Then another thing just scratches open an old wound. So many people now hail Bill Clinton for his wisdom. Conservatives are talking about the great politics of Clinton, as opposed to the radicalism of Obama. Do people remember the Clinton days? Oh those good old days between scandals and shell-shocking revelations, here and abroad?

Still, Obama has done something no one would have thought possible, make Bill Clinton look good by any comparison. I for one hate that political tactic, especially from the right. I resent even the thought and I don’t like that argument much better. The same thing applies to Hillary. Would anyone have thought that possible?

Polls Exit Stage Left

IF you want to see how bad the left is doing at politics, you don’t have to look further than Wisconsin. In the recall election, their eyes were all on exit polls. At the first sign of anything useful in the numbers, the White House said polls showed voters still chose Obama over Romney. Wow that was a relief for Obama. Those polls showed Walker and Mayor Barrett in a virtual 50-50 tie.

So later when results came in showing the wide margin of victory, around ten percent, the left immediately regurgitated the great news that voters chose Obama over Romney. But wait, the exit polls were off by around *7 percent, around the same margin they favored Obama. Just coincidence. I guess liberals really are that dumb to think they can have everyone believe their talking points. (which are really coming from the WH anyway)

[correction: change from earlier reports were around 10%]


Stock in Hope and Change Declines

… for 3rd year in a row

 Squandered hope and no change

WASHINGTON—President Barack Obama is getting a little help from former President Bill Clinton at a trio of campaign fundraisers in New York.

The presidential duo will speak at a high-dollar fundraiser at a private home, headline a gala at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel and end the night at an event dubbed “Barack on Broadway” at the New Amsterdam Theatre.

It never ceases to amaze me how much lib-progs have invested in Obama, Barry Soetoro, or whoever he really is. And progs don’t seem to care who he is either. They’ve had their fun and their day in the sun. Now the clouds gather and they’ll have to find another celebrity idol to put their faith in as this one winds down his usefulness. But don’t expect Obama to go quietly into the night. That’s why what he is doing now – raising money and campaigning – is so important for his future. It’s just practice for his second act after leaving, when he returns to the Chicago area to build his library.

He’ll need all the help he can get. Yesterday he seemed to be making a trial run at the job. He did a pick-pocket tour through New York City. Three stops in Manhattan in one evening should have netted him a nice piece of change. Any panhandler should take note; there is a technique to it. Never humble yourself while raising big money. Always keep your nose firmly planted in the clouds (when not filled with blow that is) Keep your lips and feet moving at all times, when not in transit between gigs. Always smile while extracting the cash; it makes the donors feel better, like they’re getting something for their bucks.

In reality the money is only feeding his perpetual campaign. The “Hope’n Change” Show should be winding down its three-year tour in November, so those wanting a last look at the star-studded phenomena are scrambling before they pull the final curtain.

But not to worry, when those lights do go down over the Obama show, the Panhandler-in-Chief will still be busy raising cashola, and still trying to suck all the oxygen out the room. You’ll find him some place out there with his tin cup hanging out. Old narcissists don’t die, they don’t even fade away, they just buy bigger mirrors. 


Obama, meet Narcissist-in-Chief

Got to love this article from Patriot Post. This is an indictment against Zero-man.

“Indeed, we must fully comprehend those adversaries beyond topical categorization by political and other affiliations.”

His shameful injection of himself into all those biographies was, beyond the obvious narcissism, filthy campaigning and politicizing the office  further than we could have even imagined. (and that is saying a lot)

Obamaholics drink up as bar tab grows

Lamestream media makes no bones they are supporting and campaigning for “The One” whenever they have the opportunity. While they talk as if Obama is pulling way out front the truth is biting them in the rear.

ABC poll has Romney gaining women support, but you wouldn’t know it listening to Mad Dog Media.

All Romney’s gains have come among women – up by 13 percentage points in personal popularity from last month, while Obama’s lost 7 points among women. (Views among men have been more stable.)

Consumer confidence index just dropped 4 points this month, but you wouldn’t know it. (it was expect to gain a couple points) Obama’s campaign uses fuzzy math about spending, but you wouldn’t know it. Obama pays lip service to the troops for Memorial day after hijacking the credit for getting bin Laden. But you wouldn’t know it listening to his media darlings. You probably will hear about a phony scheme to “steal this election”, that covert plan Republicans have using voter ID. But you will not hear about the voter fraud in 08 election.

Mad Dog Media has all kinds of labels for Obama. He’s the first ___,you fill in the blank. All this seems more like their need to define him and keep him relevant. Like last week he was the Twittering President. He tried to stir up some attention by saying he would answer some questions on Twitter. Another great first for “historic” Obama.

 That platform seems odd for a guy that bloviates as much as Obama. When answering questions typically he drags them out so he only can answer about two. Twitter has their 140 character limit. Still he did until he got them on small business. His only real answer before running off was to tell people to get behind his “to-do list” for congress.

Last year he had the same answers about the debt-ceiling debacle. His message then, same as now, was to “nag your representatives”. Then, it caused a negative reaction he didn’t expect when he lost 40,000 Twitter followers in a day. Another earth-shattering precedent for Obama. I guess there was something about the circumstances and a lobbyer-in-chief that people didn’t like. Now he returns to the seen of the damage to take “questions”.

While people can “ask” him any question they want, but the only real answer he gives is “nag your reps” about his to-do list, while he’s off to campaign.


What’s new is old…

 … and what’s old is new.

 File this under advice to the right.

The article below covers some old ground most of us know well, but which also conveniently shows up in a new Obama biography.  Worth at least a glance if you don’t read it. (or skip to the bottom anyway)

Having said all of this, I warn conservatives not to throw gasoline on BuzzFeed’s non-existent fire as some websites have done by reporting on BuzzFeed’s “revelation.”

We are in a war for this country. Obama and his Leftist friends that want to “transform” our country by turning it into a European democratic-socialist oligarchy like the EU countries have become, versus our Constitutional Republic.”   [no doubt about that]

 This is good advice. We saw the pride(arrogance) of Obama’s ’08 campaign claims that they controlled the message – then attributed that success to their victory. Most of this bio-info from an Obama insider is old news; but how Team Obama will use it to their advantage is what is new.  This author in question is an established insider, and no one wants to be played for a fool here.

Candidate “Hope and Change” runs for 2nd term.

 Rocky Mountain High meets Ohio State U – no holds barred

Dateline: May 5, 2012
Place: Columbus, Ohio

 “If people ask you what this campaign is about, you tell them ‘it’s still about hope.’ You tell them ‘it’s still about change,'” [Obama] told a cheering mass of supporters at Ohio State University in Columbus, six months and one day before the election. “I still believe in you. And I’m asking you to keep believing in me.”

“The real question, the question that will actually make a difference in your life, in the lives of your children, is not just about how we’re doing today. It’s about how we’ll be doing tomorrow,” Obama said.

Not only hasn’t he delivered on the old question “are you better off today than you were four years ago?”, he has reframed it into a new question. Now he tells you that old question does not matter – If you still aren’t better off, and I haven’t delivered –just buy more of my Hope Oil for the future. “Hey, I haven’t delivered so far, but just bet it all on me for the future. Long odds, but hey, you know me and gambling.”

 As RNC’s Reince Priebus said, “he is really running on hype and blame.”

 The second thing wrong with what he’s selling is the “believe in me” part. He wants you to transfer your faith and hope to him, personally. That a way to go there bumsteer; you haven’t delivered yet.  So what does his record tell us?  If it does not materialize, as I say,  then it must be the people’s fault for not believing and having enough faith in me.

He also does not want people to vote as a referendum on him, he wants them to vote for him because he is not Mitt Romney. Remember the same strategy when he ran as the ‘not Bush candidate’ against George Bush, who was leaving.

Picture it: Kent State, Ohio in 1970;  now, 2012, O-ba-ma comes to O-hi-o to sing a song of salvation from the albatross of the DC elites. But now the leftwing radicals buy hope and change just because its labeled “hope and change” – for practically no other reason.

Side note: Michelle introduced him as the standard-bearer of the “fundamental promise”.

Reference article:

Here’s a bit of irony: instead of the albatross coming to the rescue like above, Obama has a new drone plan rolling out. Check that out at Pepperhawkfarm.

To be or not to be…


“To be, or not to be: that is the question:
Whether ’tis nobler in the mind to suffer
The slings and arrows of outrageous fortune,
Or to take arms against a sea of troubles,
And by opposing end them?”–

William Shakespeare


I want to remind people what we heard in recent years: 

It’s about the economy… or only about the debt
Republicans must stick to fiscal conservatism.
Stay away from the cultural, divisive issues.
Obama won’t be any worse than anyone else.
Let states decide those controversial issues.
Do not bring character into the debate, or campaign.

Compare Obama’s actions to those above talking points. Who said all the above? Liberals. But I heard the exact same lines from the GOP and fellow Republicans. Just because it’s repeated a thousand times doesn’t make it so.

Now I hear if the economy improves, Obama wins. If the economy is in the tank he loses.

When will the right wake up and smell the propaganda?

I want to believe “the One” cannot be reelected, even if the economy improved. Why should that be the lone deciding factor? As Scott Rasmussen says.  He does not deserve to be reelected in any case. But as we see with the sly “One”, he is making this election about anything but the economy, including big donors to Republicans — who are not running…but neither was Bush.

To the left it’s just a popularity contest: “but people like him”.

Geithner to Ryan: “what we do know is we don’t like yours.” [@4:40]

Can’t draw a crowd, Mr President?

Dateline: May 11, 2012

Place: Reno, Nevada

Obama makes speech in couple’s GARAGE… and even they say they might not vote for him

 By Nina Golgowski

In what could be a disastrous photo opportunity for the President’s campaign, Mr Obama spoke to a handful of people in the crucial swing state.

The president’s 15 minute address outside the home of Paul and Val Keller on Friday afternoon, drew a small audience of neighbours and supporters – though even his hosts said they were not sure if they would vote for him in the coming election.

‘So, I need all of you, and everybody who’s watching, to push Congress on their to-do list. Nag ’em until they actually get it done. We need to keep moving this country forward,’ he said.

Read more:–hosts-vote-him.html#ixzz1vLxRmsw2