A Classic Christmas

Did you ever notice how anything you write can be like a coin toss? I mean chances are there is going to be at least one person to come along and disagree with everything you said, and/or claim you don’t know what you are talking about on the subject.

I recently discovered how recipes online can spark similar reactions. There is inevitably someone who didn’t like it, failed, or just inserted all their own ingredients to change the whole thing. But that was not the recipe.

So I found a prefect unhappy specimen on a recipe for a classic Christmas fudge. A pretty safe bet for a recipe, you would think. Nope.

Along comes a dissatisfied reviewer asking, “what kind of a recipe is this?” just for openers. Then she went on to describe the ingredients were all wrong and nothing blended together right. It was a horrible sloppy mess of garbage goo, she exclaimed.(paraphrased)

So I thought of the perfect response to accompany all the criticism:

Oh dear. Well, obviously, the real trick is to never even attempt this recipe unless you are in the Christmas Spirit because it absolutely will not work.

I hope that helps some. But if not, you might try bobbing for apples instead….without the apples. Have a great Holiday anyway!

Right Ring | Bullright

Banning Christmas Tajikistan style

Welcome to Tajikistan… well, not really. Where banning is tradition.

The Guardian has the story:

“A decree by the education ministry prohibits “the use of fireworks, festive meals, gift-giving and raising money” over new year as well as “the installation of a Christmas tree either living (felled wood) or artificial” in schools and universities.”

So, in view of all that a simple banning of Muslims to the US temporarily sounds very rational, pretty moderate. And we get lectured on Muslim sensitivities?

Maybe the Tajiks never heard the entire story. Mary and Joseph were complying with a government census regulation and there was no room for them. Sound familiar?

The Grinch who stole the election

In keeping with the Christmas theme, I figured it was worth another crack of the Christmas whip.

November came and went. It brought storms seldom seen in politics. The gales could not camouflage the ire of the voters, hard as they tried. Hail-Mary Landrieu even tried the head fake but no dice. Captain Uterus tried his dangdest to continue the vagina monologue. People weren’t buying it.

In the end, we thought voters spoke loudly. The consensus seemed to be as a Democrat strategist said back in August. They weren’t asking pols to feel their pain, but blaming them for it. A pox on the Party with the most power.

Then when the smoke cleared and the last ads died, the headcount was promptly ignored. Dems acted as if it didn’t mean a thing. They balked at the will of the people.

Obama came out to threaten then unleash his executive amnesty plan. The clock was now ticking to the Christmas countdown. Obama said bah-humbug to the results and “I will have my way now,” even if in six years earlier he hadn’t done the deed. He said “I’ll spoil your Christmas and wreck your New Year’s plans.”

Along came the budget clock and again Dems said it’s our way or the highway. Boehner went from tough talk to towing the Democrat line. He asked Obama what will make you happy, oh Christmas Grinch? Obama said ‘try as you might and still I shall not be happy.’

So within a month Obama declared the agenda his for the taking, and Dems applauded his tactics. “Phooey on elections that mean nothing, I still have my power and you cannot take it away.” Game on, but Boehner said “what game?” Not much of a challenge when Christmas cheer is stolen by the Grinch.

Even the Dems flooded the White House with calls to stop the budget bill passage. It went according to Obama’s desires. They wrapped it up with a big bow and called it good, despite the protests from the Left and the groans from the Right. Boehner let the Grinch steal the stage. No, he ceded it to him.

The election should have been about controlling the agenda. Or we thought it was. But before that could even start, Boehner signaled that nothing was really going to change. The Grinch decided the vote didn’t matter. Rather, he heard the uncounted voices of non-voters. “Phooey on polls and ballots!” It would be a ruined holiday. Dig out the 6 yr-old fruitcake, wrap it up again, and stick a new bow on it. Grinch was quite happy.

“And to all…nightmares galore. Bah Humbug, and an unpleasant New Year’s too,” if Grinch has his say, as he stormed off to play golf on a holiday.

Elections have consequences, but not for the Grinch. 2015 will be the sequel to 2014, in the Grinch’s plan. Turning hope and cheer to mope and fear. “Up Boehner, up Blitzen, away!”

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Thoughts: Christmas




Just Gene
I still believe in Christmas Eve
That Santa Claus tonight will pause
And bring good cheer like every year
A gift he’ll leave on Christmas Eve.
I still believe in Christmas Eve
We know it’s when good will to men
Is sung aloud in every crowd
So this conceive on Christmas Eve.
I still believe in Christmas Eve
Sing Auld Lang Syne for those of mine
And those of yours gone through the doors
Their lives perceive on Christmas Eve.
I still believe in Christmas Eve
When peace and love come from above
The truths are told, our arms enfold
May two hearts weave on Christmas Eve.


  Andrew Lloyd Webber
Watch me now, here I go, all I need’s a little snow
Starts me off, sets the theme, helps me dream my Christmas dream
Every year I dream it, hoping things will change
An end to the crying, the shouting, the dying
And I hope you will dream it too
It’s Christmas, remember? We’ve got to remember
So, light the light, I’m home tonight
I need you to warm me, to calm me, to love me
To help me to dream my Christmas dream
Crazy things, said and done every single day but one
Every night should, I believe be the same as Christmas eve
Nights should all be silent, days should all slow down
An end to the hurry, the noise and the worry
And I hope you believe that too
It’s Christmas, remember? Does no one remember?
The whole world needs a Christmas dream
We need it to warm us, to calm us, to love us
To help us to dream our Christmas dream
The whole world needs a Christmas dream
We need it to warm us, to calm us, to love us
We need it to warm us, to calm us, to love us
We need it to warm us, to calm us, to love us
To help us to dream our Christmas dream


Merry Christmas to all,
Luvya  Just Gene

Christmas hope vs. hope on a rope

Followup comments on the prior post Audacity of an NBC loon

Snyderman: “I don’t like the religion part. I think religion is what mucks the whole thing up….I think that’s what makes the holidays so stressful.”

What part of the Christmas, religious holiday do they have problems with?

Is it the peace on earth part; the good will to men part; or is it the hope message that offends them? Maybe it is God sending his son as a savior. Possibly the decorations offend them? Or wishing a person a “Merry Christmas” is offending people. Singing Christmas carols in the street can offend them, or a manger scene, to say nothing about those candlelight services. Maybe the good tidings are offesive?

But the religiousity of the current administration is not supposed to offend anyone. They force their “hope and change” down our throats, under the rule of their messiah. It is a religion with the left. They use the power and force of the government to push it on you.

We saw it with the ObamaCare mandates. Then they demand you pay for the pleasure of being forced against your will to abide by something you and your conscience disagrees with. They wage war on religious freedom. You are taxed for being offended. And how about their religion of global warming and climatology?

However, ‘stop forcing your religious Christms joy on us.’

But they can find room in leftville’s tent to have problems with Christmas. A message of Hope is offensive, religious joy disturbs them. But an intentionally vague hope and change is a requirement of the left, or else you are outcast as a hater and racist. And there is the forced redistriution. It is the doctrine of their government religion.

Gone are the three wise men, replaced by the offended few named “the masses”.
But then the twelve days of Christmas is now the countdown to the “fiscal cliff”. (how apropos)

And they left with a huff yelling:
“Come Dancer, come Comet and Vixen… Free condoms to all, and to all a good night!”