Rubio Con

There’s something really rich about Rubio running around calling Trump a con man.

So we have a one-term Senator who, after getting elected, abandoned the state and people that elected him to plot his run for President. Then he skips much of the meetings and votes. That’s all the Senate seat was a stage for him to run on.

Who is taking advantage of people? Who is the con artist? But people probably know my thoughts about what Washington elite politicians are anyway. And con man (woman) would be the perfect description of what they are doing. For which Marco is the poster boy.

Rubio must be stupid, or just ignorant, if he didn’t realize it could be thrown right back in his smug face. Rubio calling someone a con man? Talk about hypocrisy. He conned the people and the Tea Party to support him, so he could get into office of a job he doesn’t want to do. Screw the people. His answer is to tell them at least he is not running for reelection.

It is totally lost on Marco. Con on. Now he pledges to be a competent executive.
So we have a competition between two first-term Senators who staged their runs after getting elected.