A nation in crisis

Whether you see it as a Constitutional crisis or as the many individual scandals the current Oval Occupant has, one thing is clear we are a nation in crisis.

Scandals now too numerous to list: a border being trampled on, our laws being selectively enforced or ignored, accountability at an all time low, and a WH resident that many see as impossible to impeach. It’s like one of those steamy soap operas that ‘has it all’.

This twisted scenario plays out while the national press, media plays Tiddlywinks. TiddlywinksIf they need a story, which can occasionally happen, they can just ask someone in the administration or their shadow press relations for a recommendation. So much of their coverage could be programmed by the administration. What’s the problem with that?

As the nation is mired in one scandal after another, it is strange how the narrative becomes about those “nuts” talking about so-called “phony scandals”. It’s a surreal place even Orson Wells couldn’t have imagined. Equality is a euphemism for get your share, and some will naturally be more equal than others. Everyone demands their share except on accountability.

We go from one election to the next, with a pause for intermission between where nothing can be done because this or that is reserved for the next election. Can’t get ahead of ourselves. And “we the people” are always trying to keep up but predictably wind up a few steps behind. Nothing is what you see in front of you, and there is always a plausible explanation — okay, not so plausible.

For their part, the elite ruling are always running to try to stay far ahead of us, or our wrath…whichever seems the greater threat at the moment. We are asked to participate in the election process but cannot be expected to understand the issues correctly. That’s why we need their interpretation for us. We could not get the proper perspective without their enlightenment. It’s all very complex, you see.

If we are as dumb as they think, then it is an indictment on electing them. It’s a double-edged sword. “We the people” get lectured about accountability and tolerance, while their ruling class has neither. Sound sort of depressing? Well, welcome to 2014, and the long range forecast is no better, since things do not change. Maybe the cast of characters is altered from time to time but the script remains the same.

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Obama heads for Constitutional Crisis

Law Prof. Turley: Obama Risks Constitutional Crisis With Executive Action

Monday, 30 Jun 2014 | Newsmax
By Greg Richter

President Barack Obama is acting like “a bad gambler at Vegas” by doubling down on executive actions less than a week after a stinging Supreme Court defeat, says George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley.

A defiant Obama promised to take even more executive actions on Monday because Congress has told him it will not pass any immigration reform laws this year.

“If House Republicans are really concerned about me taking too many executive actions, the best solution to that is passing bills. Pass a bill. Solve a problem,” Obama said in a Rose Garden press conference.

Turley, appearing on Fox News Channel’s “Special Report, ” called that “a pretty surprising statement” considering that “the ink is barely dry” on Thursday’s 9-0 decision saying Obama was wrong to have made recess appointments when the Senate had declared itself to be in session.

“For him now to double down makes him look like a bad gambler at Vegas,” said Turley, who agrees with many of Obama’s policies, but has warned of a constitutional crisis if Obama continues implementing those policies by bypassing Congress.

“At some point this is going to cause serious problems for his administration. He’s going to start to lose Democrats,” Turley said. “The president of the United States can’t say the solution to gridlock is you simply have to resolve it on my terms.”

There’s a reason the issues aren’t being resolved, Turley said: “Congress is divided because the public is divided in these areas.”

Turley said the past 10 days have been “abysmal” for the administration.

“He was found to be in violation of the Fourth Amendment on privacy, then another case found him in violation of separation of powers. Now he’s been found in violation of religious rights in the First Amendment” in the Hobby Lobby case, Turley said.

“It doesn’t get much worse than this for a president.”

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It doesn’t get much worse than this? Just watch.

Open letter to the future

Dear Future,

If you are reading this and we are still a Constitutional republic, then congratulations. I’m certain it was not easy and luck had nothing to do with it.

If you are reading this and it was downhill after this letter, then I send my deepest regrets. It was not for lack of warnings or trying to stop the carnage. Still, I regret our efforts were not enough. I know apologies at this point are worthless. So all I can add is may God bless you and protect you in your remaining days.

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