Obama in state of Denial, IS a state of terror

Obama insulted the world’s intelligence when he declared ISIS and what they are doing is not Islamic. Well, on the contrary here is a video report by one of Islam’s teachers that declares what we all know.

The obvious is that IS is an Islamic State, and it is also a state of terrorism. Both of which are consistent with the Quran. It is just the opposite of what ‘Lord Not’ states. In Quran (4:95) it criticizes those peaceful Muslims who are not engaged in their violent battle. In Quran (8:12), it specifically talks about beheading and severing limbs as a means of terrorism. Plus lots of others. Repeatedly this process is referred to as a battle and terrorism.

So unless someone has rewritten the Quran recently, then ISIS is very Islamic and Obama is completely off his rocker. But it doesn’t really matter what Obama himself believes — and that is a vague, fluid subject — all that matters is what he tells us and wants us to believe. I doubt Obama believes what he is saying. He very much wants us to believe it though. That is the point. It’s a lie.

He is not alone.

Isis should be called the ‘Un-Islamic State’: British Muslims call on David Cameron to stop spread of extremist propaganda

It is not Islamic, nor is it a state,’ write Muslim groups in open letter
Andrew Griffin | The Independent UK  Sunday 14 September 2014

Calling the terror group that today claimed to have killed another aid worker the Islamic State legitimises it, and politicians should stop using its preferred name to help halt the radicalisation of British Muslims, leading groups have said.

A group of prominent Muslims has written to David Cameron to ask that he uses a different name for the group, and to lead a national debate on what it should be called.

“We propose that ‘Un-Islamic State’ (UIS) could be an accurate and fair alternative name to describe this group and its agenda – and we will begin to call it that,” the letter says. …/

More at The Independent

“Stop the spread of extremist propaganda”… chew on that one for a while! They want to propagandize it by calling it the unIslamic State, sort of like someone else. “Fair and accurate”…another misnomer. Try that on for size.

Question: are the Islamic groups getting Islamophobic?
Their problem is not with Cameron or other truth-tellers, it is with Islam.

And by the way, our halt to using the Islamic State term will somehow stop the radicalization of Muslims. Chew on that one too.

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