Bridge to Nowhere meet Farrakhan’s farm

I don’t normally link to Facebook but this is interesting.

Farrakhan Receives 103K in Farm Subsidies In Obama’s Old Chicago Neighborhood (Hyde Park)

I guess it’s all about who you know, because there isn’t a farm in sight for 30 miles…

Open the Books just completed and released a new report called, “The Federal Transfer Report- Farm Subsidies & The Big Dogs” Within the report, the group discovered this:

Case Study: Three Year Economic Savings Program, Inc., Hyde Park, 60615. A non-profit organization called Three Year Economic Savings Program, Inc received 19 payments totaling $103,529 (2008-11). The address matches Louis Farrakhan’s home and mosque address. It is known as Muhammad Farms…

See more at Grassroot Journal

If it looks like a duck…it’s a pig.

And adding a little lipstick to it would not hurt.


WASHINGTON | Mon Feb 13, 2012 1:58pm EST
(Reuters) – President Barack Obama proposed slashing subsidies to the booming agriculture sector by $32 billion over the next decade, just as Congress begins the lengthy process of overhauling the expiring U.S. farm law.

August 13, 2012 Obama speech in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Coinciding with Obama’s appearance here was an announcement from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture that it will purchase up to $170 million worth of agricultural products– a move intended to buoy an industry ailing under a major drought. – DesMoine Register reports.

Now he is actually stumping on farm subsidies, after proposing huge cuts in his budget. His criticism is aimed at Ryan for standing in the way of a farm bill. Now he wants to portray Ryan as the cutter in chief. Aka the bad guy. So he’s calling the Iowa dogs out to attack Ryan on standing in the (his) way.

Sure it is hypocritical, but its also his political M O. He proposed cuts, including 5 billion/year direct payments to farmers, hoping for 32 billion cut over 10 years.

Now he and his dep of Agriculture announce a 170 million dollar agri-products spending (subsidy) program to Iowan farmers, in a thinly veiled vote purchase. 100 million in pork products. Along with pushing a farm bill. This also had an immediate effect on hog futures, pushing them up 1.70 for December contracts.


No word yet on the mood of pigs.