Rare natural phenomena and the Clintons

A strange phenomena occurred on Monday at a Phoenix airport. All the natural and political forces were aligned in such a rare way that a 1-in-millions chance that two planes on the tarmac were magnetically attracted to one another and that the occupants of each were then driven on an unavoidable collision course. They both survived impact.

As I said as rare a chance as that ‘is’. It needs to be appreciated in that light that it may never happen again — rarer than a solar eclipse and less predictable.

So it really doesn’t matter that it was former impeached President Bill Clinton and Attorney General Loretta Lynch. Pay no mind to who they are, this could have happened to anyone. Pay no attention to their unique relationship being both involved in opposite sides of the investigation or pending case against the spouse of Bill Clinton. That also makes this such a rare event. That should raise the odds to like 20 Trillion to 1.

Since words really cannot explain this adequately — and it did leave many speechless — about all one can say is if not for a chance tipoff from a reporter, we wouldn’t even know it occurred. An event like this does not even leave chem trails. The brief, rare encounter lasted about 30 minutes, until they could pull their magnetic forces from each other to go their separate ways. We’re so privileged to know it happened. How lucky we are it was documented — and no emails, servers, or subpoenas were necessary to validate it.

But the AG didn’t try to deny it, only that no pending investigations or details were discussed. Well, I guess the chance that none of those things even came up makes this chance encounter all the more rare. How could all those natural forces involved avoid the subject? Close encounters of the rarest kind.

Apologetic for the close encounter, Lynch now says she regrets that it cast a “shadow” over the pending investigation and process. Those phenomena can do that. Sounds like another perception problem on our part.

Friends that they are, I mean this kind of thing happens — a social meeting. She was in the moment did not view it the same way onlookers may have viewed it. That’s right, folks, this meteor would leave no marks or traces at all. That is why it is so important that it was caught and documented that it did happen. Lucky we are, experiencing history like that.

I know, maybe this was part of what Hillary said was a “security review”?

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Adios to Holder

So finally the news that Holder is going to resign. If there was an inevitable resignation it was Holder’s, the only question was when. Most people on the right correctly assumed he would hold out as long as possible — to the benefit of Obama and himself.

eric holder photo: holder holder.jpgSo that it is finally on the table for real means a lot. He can no longer hold down the scandalous problems to the extent he would like. But now the real problem is, with his resignation, will start the complete white wash of the Obama regime.

A rally for a new Attorney General will strain Obama’s agenda before January.

With Eric Holder, Obama’s favorite son, on the way out they will believe they can cleanse all the scandals that happened under his tenure. Oh, those wheels on the bus get bigger and bigger.

That means Obama’s executive amnesty is on the way soon.

Only in August, Politico reported “Why the hell is Eric Holder still around?”
“The Survivor” by Glenn Rush

How did he do it? To start, it helps that he is one of the few administration figures to cross the threshold from employee to friend of the famously reserved president. Holder, in fact, is one of the only Cabinet members Obama routinely invites over for dinner and drinks (Education Secretary Arne Duncan, a hoops buddy from Chicago, is another) and the only one who times his summer vacation to hang out with the president on Martha’s Vineyard.

According to the piece, Obama has told his staff:

The job of attorney general is a “shit magnet” for the most intractable controversies.

What a creative visual for the Turd-in-Chief to use. Now that magnet is stuck to it.

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Thoughts: The Law… it’s an ass




We have a Department of Justice and many divisions of Justice Courts, but they have nothing to do with JUSTICE. They are courts of law and laws have never been just. I remember a syllogism from college, back when they taught logic, that went like this:
There are bad people so we need laws
People make the laws
ERGO- we have bad laws

We then hire people to enforce those laws even when they are empirically unjust. Have we already forgotten the US Marshalls who dragged the runaway slaves back to their Massa’s or the “GOOD” German soldiers who pushed Jews into boxcars. Both, plus many more, doing their job, earning their paycheck by enforcing the law. At some point, personal responsibility must supersede the law. Let’s look at the ridiculous stupidity of a few laws.

Because of the statute of limitations, the incompetent crook goes to prison, while the crook who pulls it off competently enjoys the pleasure of their UNJUST deed.

Because they complete the job as intended, a competent murderer goes to prison or may even lose their life, receives a lesser sentence under attempted murder – why is attempted murder any less evil or just than murder.


I’m not talking about the denial of a kid with chocolate all over their face saying they didn’t eat the cookies. I had the pleasure of working at a crisis center at one time. They worked with abused children and spouses. The trauma can be shut out for extended periods but the law is only interested in the law, not justice. Example, a woman is dragged into an alley and is being raped – she reaches around her and finds a steel pipe. If she uses it to make oatmeal out of the bastard’s brain, she’s a hero – I guarantee you the mayor and every politician will use her for photo-ops. But if she goes into denial and does the exact same thing a year later, when she sees him, goes and gets a steel pipe, then sneaks up behind him and commits the JUST deed, every prosecutor who wants to be Governor will charge her with murder


Let’s at least stop the hypocrisy by changing the Department of Justice to the Law Department and all the justice courts to law enforcement courts. Also, let’s get rid of that concept which says if the law allows it, then it’s OK – I can still hear Janet Reno words,”… we obeyed the law. we did everything right.” Seems to me that a hell of a lot of people died – and as the media always emphasizes, many were children. But again, I guess it’s right because it’s legal. If you believe in heaven, you had better hope God is more just than this crap!