It’s the agenda, stupid

Speaking of State Department BS and the Obama administration in general, time to revisit an older article. Not much changed so it is only more important with State issues.

Naturally, I cannot suspend my disbelief of this Federal Autocracy. But when departments ally with other departments and bureaucracy in a cohesive effort, it only gets worse. Here we have such a stellar case. It is nothing new that it involves education, databases, and the ever prying eye of the Leviathan we call the Federal Government.

Obama’s “Mother of all Databases” Includes Our Children

Speaking of databases, there’s one out there that’s more than a little disturbing. It’s but one more devious plan created by none other than Barack Hussein Obama to store personal information on our children. No wonder Maxine Waters spouted off that Obama’s database knew everything about everybody – this is one of the few times that Maxine was telling the truth.

Obama actually planned this scandal back in 2009 – why Republicans and Democrats didn’t even raise an eyebrow is a total mystery. Obama helped himself to several billion dollars of our stimulus money and threw it into a pot for Secretary of Education Arne Duncan, placing him in charge of mining our children’s personal information for Obama’s database.

Federal law put in place restrictions back in 1979 when the Department of Education was launched. The law specifically stated that it was illegal for the White House to have a Federal Education database.

As usual, the law does not apply to Obama. Obama and Duncan promised an ungodly amount of money to the States suffering from a horrific recession if they would make a deal and trust Washington to take over the education system of our children.

There’s one more minor stipulation that Obama is requesting.  He wants each State to create a database containing personal information on our kids and forward that information to none other than the Secretary of Education. Obama and old Arne have prepared the template for these databases containing hundreds of personal data requirements from religion to parent’s income.

Read more at Western Journalism

Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood is now partnering up with our Department of Education and the State Department to create an online program (Qatar) that will connect our United States schools with classrooms abroad. As usual, they leave out some pertinent details.


Remember the days when people used to want to speak truth to power when it was critically important, when it appeared the power or powerful had lost their way? That must seem so 70’ish. The good old days when libs used to talk about believing in that.

Well, now Liberals are quiet as mice. Do they not realize this stuff is happening? Do they not care? I think there is a lot of the latter. Just connecting obvious dots is too much effort for some people. Maybe they would rather not know? That is a real possibility.

Even more sinister, maybe libs realize and approve of what is going on knowing it means more power for the government and less privacy and freedom for us – or more control?

Obama and his cohorts are great at talking about or blaming unintended consequences, but what about the all too intentional ones? Just like the IRS, Benghazi, Fast and Furious or Servergate. Surely these things are missteps, blunders, coincidences, or unintended results of an ever-burgeoning bureaucracy. My disbelief wins, again.

Updated information ref: (2014) “Expansive Survey of America’s Public Schools Reveals Troubling Racial Disparities
The Civil Rights Data Collection (CRDC) and survey here
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