One flew into the DoJ

Sometimes things can go bump in the night. Those are often unfounded, false alarms or something that inadvertently can be explained in retrospect. Still they cause your hair to stand up if even for a few seconds.

But then here you go of things that should go bump even in broad daylight but not necessarily do. And that is the daylight within government walls.(DoJ walls) They are pretty much admitted and the fears they raise validated; but to the contrary are often celebrated as moving forward. Well, I don’t know how they’d explain this one if they even could. But that is the point: they haven’t and may not have to explain it. Like many of the things this administration does, it is left for us to deal with the consequences.

So there is a post from Gates of Vienna talking about the absurdity or defiance of the Dep. of Injustice(the dep of justice is now obsolete) worth seeing.  Reading Obama’s program for hiring disabled is like reading something from sci-fi.  Obama issues an executive order based on a Clinton EO, but then cranks it up to light speed. It looks like stupid on steroids.

The Washington Times editorial reported:

EDITORIAL: Holder’s “severe mental deficiency”

Justice Department takes affirmative action to crazy extremes

You don’t have to have a severe intellectual disability to work at the Justice Department. But it helps.

According to a July 31 policy memo titled “Hiring of persons with targeted disabilities,” otherwise problematic mental deficiencies are no barrier to jump-starting a career at Justice. The memo lists a number of “targeted disabilities” that trigger special hiring privileges in compliance with President Obama’s Executive Order 13548. Among them are people with “severe intellectual disability,” “psychiatric disability” or other undefined “current severe physical, intellectual or mental conditions.” Most employers would balk at even minor mental disabilities in hiring a lawyer, let alone severe ones. But the policy states that the Cabinet department run by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. must “achieve a work force from all segments of society,” which includes those who are teetering on the edge of sanity.

[…/ And summarizes it with this]

Affirmative action has gone far astray from its origins as a means of correcting specific acts of unlawful discrimination. The Justice Department’s new policy reveals that special preferences are being used actively to deny opportunities to otherwise well- or better-qualified job seekers in the name of an abstract view of fairness. Ironically under the first black president, the federal hiring process is separate and unequal.

Read more: EDITORIAL: Holder’s “severe mental deficiency” – Washington Times

If you go to the PDF form, it states a series of “targeted” disabilities. The list is on the left of the form. If those aren’t enough, they add under “Other Impairments”: epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability, dwarfism.

Of course, under psychiatric disability you can imagine a plethora of things which presumably might bring one from the psych-ward to a coveted job in the DoJ. Maybe this falls under “the wheels of justice”, which apparently need some help.


Tip of hat to Gates of Vienna for reporting it.