Dems and Dog Whistles

There he goes, again.

There goes Joe with another classic Bidenism – check the library that must be a category now. When the right says something they are all over it. If a Republican said something that way, the Left would say it was a “dog whistle”. That’s what they call any mention of certain conservative topics that excite the base. Though they use the term creatively and get very imaginative about where it applies.

They make that charge all the time whether it is a Republican pol or a Tea Partier. It is their catch all phrase for the Right. The Left would call it a dog whistle, if it were anyone else. Much as I’m tired of the term, it should apply to what and how he said it. They stick it to everyone else where it doesn’t even apply. And now they deny that is what this was.

They constantly claim conservatives are talking to their own in code and rallying certain parts of the base. And they usually connect it somehow to racism, directly or indirectly. They throw around the phrase so loosely they apply it to everything. They can use the term to indicate racism without having to say it.

Now their old “dog whistle” charge is a dog whistle to Libs. Clever isn’t it? They use it as a euphemism to call someone a racist. So here’s Joe blowing their tune loud and clear. Obama and Biden do this all the time. They are champions of the “dog whistle”. We’ll hear it a lot more before election.

Here was Biden’s statement.

You want to see Left get outraged? Just call Biden’s remarks a dog whistle and see what happens.