Obama foreign policy insanity

Many people will remember back in the 80’s those commercials for Crazy Eddie’s electronics stores in the greater NYC area. If not, here’s a reminder.
(“Dr Jerry” Carroll was the pitch man, not Eddie.”) “His prices are insaaaane!”

“People want hope and dreams, we’ll sell them hope and dreams,” Eddie said.

Obama’s foreign policy has no better analogy than that. His policies are insane. The problem is the whole world knows it and is on to him. The deals are “insane”. So everyone wants to make one of those crazy deals that they could not get in American history before. He’s practically giving away the store, deals are that good.

Dropping the missile defense program in Europe for nothing was one such deal, who could refuse that? Then telling Medvedev to relay the message to Russia that after his “last election” he would be [even] more flexible was yet another insane gesture.

Then there’s Iran negotiations. We should have had one of those ads in 2012.

But eventually people caught on to the massive fraud going on under the Crazy Eddie name. Here’s a brief documentary on the Crazy Eddie story. Note the parallels.

We can only hope to see Obama’s fraud collapse around him. Any one of his scandals is only a microcosm of the whole — but the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Benghazi gave us the indicative hint that that there was only a wall of politics going on in place of substance. And that was just the campaign season for a second term.

Can we all say “insane”? Everyone is probably looking to cash in on the Obama phenomena while he’s still around. It’s like a sign hanging out there, and every foreign leader knows this is the best time in history to get a deal of the century and take us to the cleaners. Stick it to America with no consequences. “Get us some.” Team Obama will not care; it just gave them what they wanted, as if it had no other choice. But that was the scam all along, to give away the store, except team Obama are the ones laughing.

The old “bait and switch” campaign at home.

But what we got is Obama’s SOTU speech telling us he will do end-runs around Congress, and half of Congress stood up and cheered him. “I’ve got a pen, and I’ve got a phone.” Meanwhile, his deals to everyone else are insane. Blame a video for the Benghazi attack, don’t label Boko Haram terrorists. Don’t secure the borders, release illegals and criminals from prison. Loosen sanctions on Iran, and threaten Congress not to even “talk” about strengthening them. Kerry accuses Israel of apartheid. All in a day’s insanity.

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