Putin’s official Ukraine status

Leaked transcripts reveal Putin’s secret Ukraine attack

By Bill Sanderson | September 21, 2014 | NY Post

Giving lie to Vladimir Putin’s claims that Russia isn’t fighting in Ukraine, up to 80 Russian troops were killed in a skirmish there last month, according to information released by an opposition politician.

Members of an elite Russian paratroop force talked about the brutal battle near Luhansk, a city in eastern Ukraine, in telephone transcripts leaked to politician and newspaper publisher Lev Shlosberg.

“We’re f——g walking along looking for these f—–g Ukrainians,” one paratrooper says in an account reported by the Sunday Times of London.

“We get out into the open and are seen, kapow!” the paratrooper says.

“We dashed out onto the road, there was a field, sunflowers, and a checkpoint,” he continues. “They started to bomb it — bam bam bam — and they destroyed it.”

“Eighty guys were killed,” said the paratrooper, who was wounded in the attack. He added: “I was told only 10 made it out.”

He related the story to a fellow soldier in a phone call from a hospital where he was being treated.

More at NY Post: http://nypost.com/2014/09/21/leaked-transcripts-reveal-putins-secret-attack-in-ukraine/

From secret missions to secret funerals

Never a dull moment for Russia or Putin over Ukraine. Now they are tasked with covering up and hiding deaths or wounding of some four hundred Russian soldiers, on a mission that didn’t exist. Then Putin gives an award and praise to valiant heroic soldiers of a nation at peace.