Scandal for hire: have experience

Here a scandal, there a scandal, everywhere a scandal.

5 Hillary scandals the media is missing

by Ed Klein | NY Post | November 2, 2015

Hillary Clinton can condemn Republicans as her “enemies,” dismiss the Veterans Administration scandal as “not widespread,” and get caught lying about what she knew about Benghazi and when she knew it — but the mainstream media doesn’t seem to give a damn.

They’ve ignored those stories in favor of articles about how Hillary has come through her email scandal with flying colors. They’ve crowned her as her party’s presidential nominee three months before the first primary caucus.


The Foundation; Uranium; Brother beneficiary; Hedge fund fever; Health: she likes to spread her scandals out.

So maybe if that is not enough for you, she is sure to have more yet to be revealed, even being created now. She’s a walking talking scandal that keeps on giving. Scandals, for Hillary, are not a problem they are a way of life. It’s a lifestyle, stupid.

If there is a scandal Hillary is not involved in, then she just hasn’t gotten around to it yet. Some people are embarrassed by scandal. Not Hillary, she flaunts them. Yet for some reason, the media likes to ignore them. It’s her greatest achievement.

Some people would run and hide from scandals, Hillary dives headlong into them and celebrates them as a skill. What’s not to like about that? It’s not her fault, there is such a demand for them, someone has to provide the service.