Meanwhile, back at sequestration

So the game show president, president not my fault, prez can’t cut the military enough, prez let the illegals out of jail, prez fast and furious, prez Benghazigate, prez can’t get enough gun control, president drone campaign, etc… that six-trillion dollar spendaholic president says the sequestration cuts “are just dumb”.

What could be wrong with that picture?

All the wasteful spending this government does and he thinks a cutting plan is stupid. An idea he put on the table, then threatened to veto anything that would remove it. He said that “none of this is necessary”.

And then he signs the sequestration order into effect, after calling it dumb. I think I have the answer, Obama finally ran out of adjectives and names for Republicans – his enemies. That must be it. Does he always sign dumb ideas into effect that were his idea? I think we know the answer.
Obama - Promises Change Changes Promise
All any of us in this country are to this tyrant are pawns in his political agenda. He doesn’t care about jobs or people, or anything else. He does care about spending money as his means. (votes get expensive) All he cares about is using everyone to his own political benefit. Yet he calls future spending reduction “just dumb”.

Down at the WH laundromat
Near the end of his sequestration speech, he mentioned gun control on a laundry list of things he will continue “pushing for” and added: “this is the agenda that the American people voted for.“. 

People never voted for gun control. I don’t remember that being the subject in the election. As usual, we the people just don’t understand what he says… now he is already redefining the election.

Wisdom from Abroad

Here is someone who took a look at this election from afar. In a piece on the Gates of Vienna, titled “Cowards Lose”, he mentions all the stories about problems within Ohio and Florida. But you would never know or hear it from the mainstream media. And, at least from what I heard so far, Democrats have dropped the charges about disenfranchised voters or all thei criticism of new voter ID policies. All I have seen is a gloating over the win.

He leads off with this:

“Barack Obama Reelection Signals Rise Of New America,” crowed Howard Fineman at Huff-Po on the night of Barack Obama’s re-election to the presidency. “President Barack Obama did not just win reelection tonight. His victory signaled the irreversible triumph of a new, 21st-century America: multiracial, multi-ethnic, global in outlook and moving beyond centuries of racial, sexual, marital and religious tradition.”

True, I’d heard Fineman say pretty much that on air that night. It shouldn’t shock me but… “moving beyond ” all that? What is he drinking, did he see the same campaign I did? Obviously not, this Campaigner-in-Chief politicized every one of those continually, in a pandering fever never witnessed in America before.

Takuan Seiyo writes about the margins in Ohio and in Allen West’s district.(Florida for that matter) Isn’t it possible that those problems made a difference?

Of course, lib-progs would call them spurious claims but the left has made a mockery out of our electoral system. Anything that doesn’t fit their ideology is discarded — just like Obama does.

I was recently trying to relate it to something and could only come up with an analogy between two TV shows. (something people might understand) For Libs it was like American Idol does Washington. Or it was like Survivor to others. Evidently, American Idol won the competition.

Fast and Furious, Benghazigate, Solyndragate move over. I guess that is all irrelevant along with the means of his reelection, or even his first election.

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Now we’re told Obama will speak tomorrow, “substantively”. Why should he start now? (not that he will) He’s avoided any substance for years.