I just can’t stand this DACA debate caca anymore. It’s time for a good old flush.
As if there is any debate, but the caca keeps getting deeper.

I noticed the left calls us Americans deplorables yet cries their hearts out for “undocumented” illegal immigrants. Dems, I see what you did there.

A couple facts:

#1)The reason they are here in the first place is because the border is broken.

Not because “the immigration system is broken.” The Dems busted “the system.”

#2)The only reason the problem exists is because the Democrats refused to secure the border 30 years ago on Reagan. Liars that they are. Happy anniversary!

Now even Iggy knows that if he leaves the barn doors open at night he’ll have an empty barn in the morning. It’s not about having a fetish for barn doors.

Dems removed the door from its hinges… busted it real good. But then they don’t believe in borders or security anyway. “Everybody in the pool.”

Something like what would happen to my farm if I had no fences, boundaries or enforcement. I’d have no crops either and could kiss the farm bye-byes. So we bought the farm and Dems gave it away, as much as they could. Never mind their reasons.

Obama illegally created the DACA caca for illegals. And one for parents that got derailed.

Now they demand we keep DACA legal but can’t have border security. Sound familiar yet? They’ll promise some border security, if we guarantee amnesty to these undocumented. So they can back out and screw America. Then they’ll want broader amnesty for the other 11+ million more, using their activist courts.

Now whenever I have a defiant bull I find a way to control it before it can do any damage. I don’t grant it amnesty. But Iggy still has doors on his barn too, for a good reason.

They want amnesty for DACA so they can screw USA again. What part of screw America don’t we get? Anytime anyone tries to talk me into forfeiting my barn doors and fences I get a little suspicious. So goes the pussheads on the left.

Now where is that branding iron?

Obama is king of the non-scandal

The new definition of scandal is: you cannot call something a scandal until Democrats say it is. That is the official certification of scandal. They declare non-scandals too.

So, no fast and furious scandal… no matter how many guns they run. (see Wikipedia list of Obama controversies) There’s another list of Obama scandals and blunders here.

No, you idiots, Benghazi is not and never was a scandal. It is merely the result of Obama’s overseas contingency operation. But scandal? Hardly. Four Americans including an ambassador are killed and shrouded in false explanations from the administration’s talking points machine. But a scandal? Surely you jest.

IRS, not one itsy-bitsy “smidgeon” of corruption there. Another non-scandal. And we know there are no scandals because Axelrod declared there were none.

Now members of Congress writing a letter to Iran informing them that they have a say in treaties is a seismic scandal. In fact, it qualifies all signers as traitors. Expressing any dissent is treasonous.

But Obama trying to bypass Congress to make a treaty and keep them in the dark, what scandal? That couldn’t possibly be scandalous. Nor is Obama issuing executive edicts on immigration, creating fiat laws, rewriting existing law, and refusal to enforce US law by any stretch a scandal. Even if King O himself said as much years earlier. Well, it isn’t now anyway, which is all that matters. Supporting terrorist organizations, now where is the scandal in that? Obama’s campaign gurus coordinating and working to oust Netanhayu in Israel’s election, while declaring not to be playing politics, is not a problem.

Now Boehner inviting Netanyahu to come and speak his concerns on the security of Israel to Congress? Bingo, that’s scandalous if ever anything was. A scandal of the first order. Obama’s repeated lies about Obamacare were not even an issue compared to that invitation. Obama refuses to engage in diplomacy with Congress but will with dictators like Castro, or concessions to Iran under the guise of a deal. But make a deal with Congress, are you crazy? Dealing with Congress would be scandalous.

Just because he has no respect for the other branches of government doesn’t a scandal make. Usurping congressional or state’s authority could not be scandalous. Playing political roulette with our military and national security is not scandalous. Telegraphing our plans to the enemy is no way a scandal. Declaring all options are on the table while seeking to restrict any of Congress’s options could not be a scandal.

Glad we solved the definition problem. He should have been around to help for the Clinton years. They should have had Obama’s definition of “is”. Besides, Obama could never have a scandal because he could just abolish it by Executive Order.

Notice that while nothing is a scandal to Democrats, they come up with the most creative names to call Republicans for daring to talk about Obama’s non-scandals. So investigating, hearings or even talking about Obama’s many non-scandals is really scandalous — even an abuse of power. That’s the way it works. Congress cites Holder with contempt. Dems and the Black Caucus call that abuse and racism, then stage a protest. So Democrats accuse Republicans of abusing their power. The problem was the administration’s abuses, so Dems defiantly walk out. You just have to know the rules.

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The Grinch who stole the election

In keeping with the Christmas theme, I figured it was worth another crack of the Christmas whip.

November came and went. It brought storms seldom seen in politics. The gales could not camouflage the ire of the voters, hard as they tried. Hail-Mary Landrieu even tried the head fake but no dice. Captain Uterus tried his dangdest to continue the vagina monologue. People weren’t buying it.

In the end, we thought voters spoke loudly. The consensus seemed to be as a Democrat strategist said back in August. They weren’t asking pols to feel their pain, but blaming them for it. A pox on the Party with the most power.

Then when the smoke cleared and the last ads died, the headcount was promptly ignored. Dems acted as if it didn’t mean a thing. They balked at the will of the people.

Obama came out to threaten then unleash his executive amnesty plan. The clock was now ticking to the Christmas countdown. Obama said bah-humbug to the results and “I will have my way now,” even if in six years earlier he hadn’t done the deed. He said “I’ll spoil your Christmas and wreck your New Year’s plans.”

Along came the budget clock and again Dems said it’s our way or the highway. Boehner went from tough talk to towing the Democrat line. He asked Obama what will make you happy, oh Christmas Grinch? Obama said ‘try as you might and still I shall not be happy.’

So within a month Obama declared the agenda his for the taking, and Dems applauded his tactics. “Phooey on elections that mean nothing, I still have my power and you cannot take it away.” Game on, but Boehner said “what game?” Not much of a challenge when Christmas cheer is stolen by the Grinch.

Even the Dems flooded the White House with calls to stop the budget bill passage. It went according to Obama’s desires. They wrapped it up with a big bow and called it good, despite the protests from the Left and the groans from the Right. Boehner let the Grinch steal the stage. No, he ceded it to him.

The election should have been about controlling the agenda. Or we thought it was. But before that could even start, Boehner signaled that nothing was really going to change. The Grinch decided the vote didn’t matter. Rather, he heard the uncounted voices of non-voters. “Phooey on polls and ballots!” It would be a ruined holiday. Dig out the 6 yr-old fruitcake, wrap it up again, and stick a new bow on it. Grinch was quite happy.

“And to all…nightmares galore. Bah Humbug, and an unpleasant New Year’s too,” if Grinch has his say, as he stormed off to play golf on a holiday.

Elections have consequences, but not for the Grinch. 2015 will be the sequel to 2014, in the Grinch’s plan. Turning hope and cheer to mope and fear. “Up Boehner, up Blitzen, away!”

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