Obama: EPA is the gate to the climate

From NRO :

If only President Obama simply had cried wolf. Instead, the president announced that, on behalf of “all of humankind,” he is in effect directing the EPA to take over the American economy. New power plants will be subject to emissions controls, and existing plants will have to be retrofitted to comply with new standards. New restrictions on heavy trucks will affect the movement of freight and goods across the country.

New subsidies will be handed down for politically connected energy firms, and federal lands will be set aside for their use. New federal impositions will affect the construction of factories, commercial buildings, and private homes.

The president says that this is all enabled by the “overwhelming judgment of science.” It certainly has not been enabled by something so mundane as the law. We rather suspect that the overwhelming judgment of Congress would be against the president’s program of regimenting the entire American economy under the management of a newly empowered EPA. But the president has made it clear that he intends to act largely through administrative fiat, subverting the democratic process and the people’s elected representatives. Unhappily, the Supreme Court has abetted this ambition by misconstruing the Clean Air Act as a warrant of action on global warming.

Every economic activity involving energy or transportation — which is to say, every economic activity — will be affected by the president’s global-warming program.

More: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/352025/obamas-radical-climate-agenda-editors

Barry-‘Ozone’-Obama lays out his second term “climate” strategy:

(it reads something like this, no matter what he says or promises — a little satire)

“I will continue laying out scandals. The air in DC will become extremely inhospitable, putting air conditioning and filtration at a premium. You all will continue to try to make me look bad. I will continue to lie… I mean you all are so gullible.

The political pollution in DC will reach a historical high. Clouds of chaos and confusion will slow even traffic to a crawl. Never let a storm go to waste. I will continue to demonize my opponents or anyone in my way.

I will use any… and I mean any, extraordinary and unconstitutional means to achieve my ends to extort the climate for every political and geo-political opportunity I possibly can. And there won’t be a damn thing you can do about me using executive power and regulation to accomplish it. Oh, like what are you going to impeach me or something? Like I said, you people are so gullible.”

Yet during Barry’s glorious Georgetown address, another controversy erupted because all the networks cut away – even MSNBC. That prompted a tweet from NYT reporter that you could turn to one network covering the entirety, the Weather Channel. (good thing he wasn’t upstaged by a storm..) Wolfy Blitzer just talked over it. No loss there.

Obama on education next term.

The myth of education reform

Here is what Secretary Arne Duncan said:

“”Our basic theory of action is not going to change,” …
“The real work of improving schools doesn’t happen in Washington. Our job, in a second term, is to support the bold and transformational reforms at the state and local level that so many of you have pursued during the last four years.”

Wow, sound like music?
If reforms at the state and local level are so great, what does that say about the Dep of Ed? It would be nice to think Washington had a genuine respect for state and local actions or decisions. But that is a good laugh rather than a symphony.

Duncan also said:

“”We will continue to provide incentives and support for states and districts to engage in systematic change and expand their capacity to boost student achievement and close opportunity gaps.” -[blah, blah, blah filler]

“We’re going to continue to provide incentives and support for states and districts to strengthen the teaching profession, develop useful systems of teacher and principal evaluation, and recruit world-class talent to our schools.”

But what he really means, by “transformational reforms”, is probably what leftisit unions and educators were doing in Wisconsin and Chicago strikes, etc. He probably means those state and local “reforms”… holding the picket line, not the bottom line. Sorry, you just can’t get me to believe that they are interested in supporting local education reforms on the up and up — unless they fit the general Marxist indoctrination plan.

Or a plausible explaination is that they believe there are enough Marxists throughout the country, in key positions in the education field, to sufficiently back flush their real Marxist agenda/indoctrination using them. (the way a septic system backs up) Then claim it was a state and local effort, while making unions and Marxist educrats happy and furthering the administration’s own radical agenda.

So what Republicans in Congress should do while all this strategizing and obfuscation is taking place, is call for a clean audit on the Dep of Ed for starterts.

Reference: Obama’s 2nd term to test his education program
And “Educators” Flock To MARXIST CONFERENCE At Northwestern University”

Bait and Switch

Heritage asked Duncan questions getting few answers:

4. No Child Left Behind Waivers and True Flexibility for States
Duncan touted the Administration’s NCLB waiver plan, stating that it gives “local districts” flexibility, “instead of applying rigid, top-down mandates from Washington.”

In reality, the waivers are anything but, replacing the federal overreach of NCLB with another federal overreach by requiring states to implement the Administration’s preferred policies in exchange for a waiver. The waivers fail to provide true flexibility and open wider the gates for increased federal control.

Heritage reported in September:

By issuing waivers from the law, the Administration has signaled to Congress that legislators have met the end of the Administration’s arbitrary timeline for regular reauthorization, despite movement on the many congressionally generated proposals. The waivers, along with other instances of executive indifference toward legislative process, show a “disregard for the powers of the legislative branch in favor of administrative decision making without—and often in spite of—congressional action.”.

Reference: No Child Left Behind Waivers: Bogus Relief, Genuine Overreach
Further: How Escalating Education Spending Is Killing Crucial Reform