Poll: 36% think Obama is hiding something

Leave it to pollsters to finally have a provocative survey.

So 36% of Americans believe Obama is hiding something. Wait a minute, just 36% — around a third of the country? That doesn’t say much for the rest of Americans.


More than a third of Americans — and 64 percent of Republicans — believe that President Barack Obama might be hiding something, according to a new poll Thursday.

Thirty-six percent of the surveyed voters think the president is possibly “hiding important information about his background and early life,” the Fairleigh Dickinson University PublicMind survey found.

Sixty-four percent of Republicans think the president isn’t coming clean, 33 percent of independents agree, and 14 percent of Democrats say so, too.

Poll source: http://www.scribd.com/doc/120815791/Fairleigh-Dickinson-poll-on-conspiracy-theories

The most popular of these conspiracy theories is the belief that President Obama is hidingimportant information about his background and early life, which would include what’s oftenreferred to “birtherism.” Thirty-six percent of Americans think this is probably true, including 64 percent of Republicans and 14 percent of Democrats.

I thought it was a matter of fact. He sealed off his records. He had one composite in his book that we know of. Say nothing of aliases.

But “Hiding important information in his background”? Call me a conspiricist, but do people go to that much trouble to hide unimportant, insignificant things? Obama’s campaign hounded Hillary over records asking “what is she hiding?”