When the law becomes the problem

Now, Boehner appears to be taking some action to file a lawsuit against Obama’s abusive pen and actions. We’ll see. However, it highlights some of the issues involved. Whatever the point is in the suit. Now the SCOTUS weighed in but to Obama it doesn’t matter.

We are a nation of laws, not men. Obama has been deciding which laws he will follow or won’t. Name them: immigration, border control or defense of marriage act, etc.. He feels those laws are wrong or faulty.

The odd thing is Leftists will never complain about too many laws. That is not a problem for them. No matter how much you try to convince them, they will refuse to accept it. Yet they single out which laws they want to follow as the prescription or answer to bad law. (they get to decide what is bad)

So they can ignore whatever they perceive as bad laws. They will justify it by twisted logic. But agree that we need less laws not more? That is contrary to their ideology.

Now we are back to hypocrisy. You’d think someone who singles out many laws, approved through Congress, as wrong or irrelevant, would realize there could be a limit to making laws. But their answer will always be to create another law to fix the bad one.(or problems)

Obama set the precedent that if you don’t like a law, just ignore it. Of course people don’t have that option because we are not above the law. (like staffers in ObamaCare)

Now Boehner proposes this unprecedented step of suing the administration for his abuse of power. But we already have a Constitutional prescription for the disease — this abuse — called impeachment. Instead, he proposes these aerial gymnastics. It’s sort of like swatting flies in a room with open windows and doors.

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