The art of a raunchy deal

US and Russia agree Syria chemical weapons deal in Geneva

[BBC]Syria’s chemical weapons must be destroyed or removed by mid-2014, under an agreement between the US and Russia.

US Secretary of State John Kerry outlined a framework document under which Syria must hand over a full list of its stockpile within a week.

If Syria fails to comply, the deal could be enforced by a UN resolution backed by the threat of sanctions or military force.

Wait, so we went from Kerry saying turn over the weapons within a week to turn over a comprehensive, self-made list of chemical weapons within a week.
Then Kerry appears to stand on good old terra firma with this:

“There can be no room for games. Or anything less than full compliance by the Assad regime,” Kerry said.

No games, none… I won’t have it. Nope! And just to really nail down this deal, “Inspectors must be on the ground in Syria no later than November.” No room for games there.

Mr Kerry outlined six points to the agreement:

1. The amount and type of chemical weapons must be agreed and “rapidly” placed under international control
2. Syria must submit within one week a comprehensive listing of its stockpiles
3. Extraordinary procedures under the Chemical Weapons Convention will allow “expeditious destruction”
4. Syria must give inspectors “immediate, unfettered access” to all sites
5. All chemical weapons must be destroyed, including the possibility of removing weapons from Syrian territory
6. UN will provide logistical support, and compliance would be enforced under Chapter VII

The White House described the deal as “an important concrete step” towards putting Syria’s chemical weapons under international control.

Games? The whole thing has been a charade. “Inspectors must be on the ground by November.” One red line says to another red line, “let’s make another red line.”

And the Obama WH calls it “an important concrete step” . Sounds more like quicksand.

Sergei Lavrov says, “The military scenario would be catastrophic for this region
Really, as opposed to…?

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