Get over it, I think not

This should not be have to be said but, with leftists, it seems to be required.

The number one response of Liberals to conservatives is “get over it, Obama won.” That is a snarky command. I don’t know the hundreds of times I heard that reply toward any opposition of Obama’s agenda. It is standard, backhanded rhetoric of the left.

It’s not really defined, and I’m not sure they even know what they mean by it – like many of the vague, superficial and enigmatic things they say.

Liberals never “got over” George Bush. They set the bar pretty high there. They never “got over” Iraq, or WMD, or the 2000 election. And they were proud of it. Still, it is his sycophants’ top reply. Even Obama did not “get over” Bush. He still hasn’t.

I cannot “get over” a country who abandoned common sense and its moral conscience, ignoring their better senses when electing him either. Nor can I get over a dismissive press and media who fail to hold him accountable for his record or decisions. No, it’s not just about him winning the election.

So I will not get over Benghazigate. I cannot get over fast and furious. I can’t “get over” the secrecy and obfuscation of an inexperienced, unqualified president who has set an all time high for hypocrisy. (who substituted a campaign for a resume) I will not get over ObamaCare or the national takeover of the medical industry. I will not get over Obama’s refusal to release records; even records from the Illinois Senate where he voted “present” much of the time. I shan’t get over his ignorance and constipation on the fiscal crisis.

It is not a DUI, an indiscretion from years ago, or just a personal matter.

I won’t get over the arrogance. I will not get over the statements that “you didn’t build that”. I cannot “get over” the house of czars he built; or his Marxist appointments; or his department of injustice; or his ignoring the Constitution and treatment of allies or terrorists; or his obfuscation over fast and furious and records. I won’t get over the ‘my way or calamity’ threats, or Obama’s mantra calling another branch “hostage” takers. I will not get over the attacks on the 2nd amendment, all the lies, or the accusations and insinuations of racism whenever he’s questioned either. No.

However, in context, what “getting over it” actually means is let him do whatever he wants and defy the Constitution and the will of the people, to dictate over the country without challenge. That’s what they mean. To just say when he is questioned, “I won”. Just give him whatever he wants is his and their definition of “just get over it”. That is what “get over it” means, whatever the king wants without objection: “I won, get over it.

So, Liberals and Marxists, just “get over” that already.