Crowd Sourced Firings

Okay, kids let them show you how it is done, the green government way.

Trevor Noah blasts Strzok GoFundMe:
‘There are cancer patients on that site’

By Joe Concha – 08/17/18 | The Hill

Late-night host Trevor Noah on Thursday mocked former FBI agent Peter Strzok for starting a GoFundMe page to help pay legal costs and lost income, underscoring that “there are cancer patients” raising funds on the site to pay for medical treatment.

“Earlier this week, the Justice Department fired senior FBI agent and stock photo of a senior FBI agent Peter Strzok,” Noah said. “This came after revelations that he had exchanged text messages critical of Donald Trump while also investigating Donald Trump during the 2016 elections. And losing your job is never easy, but it looks like Strzok is going to land on his feet.”

Noah then shared news reports on Strzok’s decision to start of GoFundMe page and the amount he has raised in a short period of time.

The reports noted the amount that has been raised for the agent on the site, which has reached $428,000 as of Friday morning.

The initial post was for $150,000 and was raised to $350,000 when that was reached quickly. After $350,000 was reached, the page adjusted to a request for $500,000.

Noah took issue with the rising numbers.

“Okay, first up, this is some bullshit we need to address about GoFundMes in general,” Noah said after the clips were played. “How do people say, ‘This is the amount I need,’ and then change the amount when they get it?”

The comedian went on to hit Strzok for getting money “just for hating Donald Trump” when there are cancer patients on the site trying to raise funds for treatment.

“Because seriously, half a million dollars on a GoFundMe just for hating Donald Trump!” Noah said. “There are cancer patients on that site that are like, ‘Hey, we hate him, too. Can you help pay for my treatment?’ “

Strzok’s page paints the former counterintelligence agent as a longtime agent who has worked “to help keep us and our nation safe.”

It says that all of the money raised would be put into a trust dedicated to covering his legal costs and loss of income.

GoFundMe launched in 2010. It has raised more than $5 billion for more than 2 million individual campaigns.

Apparently Strzock finalized the way to enrich disgruntled government workers.

1) Get fired if you can…. it’s not as easy as it looks!
2)Then get a go fund me page.
3)Set an arbitrary high mark to reach.
4)Blow past initial goal, double it, and add new criteria to keep raising lots more. .
(maybe stop by the car dealer next to have a look around)

Here is a novel thought

Now that we know the formula, if this is the way it is going to work, then “may we have more of these crowd sourced firings, please sir?”

So when gov’t employees do get fired, they also become crowd-funded rich. Oh, and maybe join Resist as an extra touch.