Gruber out-Grubered himself

NY Post:

ObamaCare architect was paid over $2M for consultation

By Geoff Earle – November 15, 2014

Now, a series of government contracts totaling more than $2 million for consulting services provided by the Harvard-trained economics professor are coming under scrutiny.

Eight states hired Gruber to help design their health exchanges after he banked nearly $400,000 in 2009 through contracts with the Department of Health and Human Services, records show.

Gruber and a handful of colleagues got state contracts totaling $1.6 million over seven years from Michigan ($481,000), Minnesota ($329,000), Vermont ($400,000) and Wisconsin ($400,000), The Washington Post reported.

He also advised Colorado, Connecticut, Maine and West Virginia.

It’s not clear how much those states added to his bank account.

And we thought Hillary Clinton had a lucrative circuit. I think I hear some song lyrics coming on: “who’s Grubering whom?” Who’s out-Grubering whom?