Climate Of Religion

What we have seen is the overt politicization, weaponization and religiosity of the climate, or climate change, and the propagandizing of it. It should be no surprise that they politicized it to the max. That’s why so many people are outraged. But that was only the first step. Then they weaponize the climate, against the people of course.

Then they use the climate as the apocalyptic fear-mongering vehicle

When even the former head of Green Peace has to go on Hannity and call out the apocalypse hysteria of the Left, we are in a strange place.

He actually said that if we do the fossil full elimination they are calling for, it would decimate civilization. Or maybe that is what they want? He also said that our coal fired consumption is about 90% cleaner than it was decades ago.

But he said that today we still rely on fossil fuels for 80% of our electricity. Apparently they didn’t realize that when they tell us they want to switch to electric cars. Imagine the reaction when they all plug them in.

But they are telling us something with these Big Green Plans. They show us it is a religious movement now, full stop. The former Green Peace guy said what they are doing in incorporating kids into their message is equal to child abuse. Well, it should be criminal. The same person also said that the direction they are taking it, including using children (and emotions), is just to push their radical socialism or social justice platform.

I guess they don’t realize that we see exactly what they are doing. They turned it into a political issue, weaponized it, then made it a religious one. And they now feel comfortable turning that weapon on anyone they need to propel their political agenda.

Wouldn’t you think using and scaring kids would be a bit over the top? Not for them. In fact, it is right up their alley. The same way they have been using kids in their socialized healthcare schemes. Just roll out the children. What’s next, having children lobby and protest for late term abortion rights? Don’t be surprised.

As I said some time ago: is there anything too radical and extreme even for Democrats? Not anymore. Remember Claire McKaskill let the dirty secret out of the bag in the campaign, before she lost? She said those are the crazy Democrats and she was not one of them. But now that the election is over and AOC has taken over the party, with an assist from Bernie Sanders, it looks like they are telling us loud and clear that really all Dems are crazy Democrats. That’s the way it works.

We used to hear them say on the campaign that they would not be a lockstep vote, and they were independent minded, and that they would represent the people. Remember Trump called them out at rallies and said if they get in, they will only be Pelosi puppets and vote in lockstep. Rubber stamps. Again, Trump was completely right. But it only took a few short weeks for that to happen and prove it.

Bottom line is these people are not at all about preventing a catastrophe, they are all about creating one. And the faster they get there, the better. Have kids believe that the world is going to incinerate. We used to hide under desks in schools, remember. Now just tell them it is over. So we might as well blow through a hundred trillion dollars trying because it’s a lost cause unless. Unless they can save planet earth from destruction. Well, I wonder what kept planet earth from destruction years ago before they came along? They sort of sound like a revised version of Heaven’s Gate people over the Hale-Bopp Comet.

It does show us something. That the climate change and socialists, besides getting in bed with each other, are reading from the same script. It is all about belief. It is only based on that. Throw in a few anecdotes and current events to make your case, then round up the kids and give them their lines. Send them out to the public and watch people get sucked in. Or so goes the plan. However, what it really is based on is belief.(echoes of Obama) Have enough people to believe it and you can even summon a Hale-Bopp comet to come and rescue them. And they are betting all their marbles, and our money, on it.

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2 Major Problems, Government

There are two things that stand out lately. Take your pick, they go hand in hand.

The thought of a weaponized government, against people, and then that government weaponizing information and intelligence against people should scare anyone. You could say that sounds like what Russia is doing — or did last year, in the eyes of the left.

No that describes our government under Obama’s reign. I could add politicizing government, for its own political objectives, but that goes hand in hand with the weaponizing. That could not be done to this degree without intent.

Instead of the broader left being an ideological movement and just another loosely connected political party, it now operates more like an organized crime syndicate.

Thus, it ( the left) uses any resources or information as a means to its political objectives. Some say “but the left doesn’t all agree on everything.” Well, it doesn’t have to. Though the ends are being served regardless.

What is the solution? I don’t see a simple fix to either of those.Once the government has been weaponized against the country, the way it was in the last 8 years, it is hard to repair. We’re finding out now. And when a party operates that way, there is no turning back. Together, they give us a radicalized government. But we have been screaming about this for years, no one was listening. Like we made this tangled web up?

So it was suggested by Newt Gingrich on Hannity that Congress needs to step up, investigate, talk to all the Obamafiles and do its diligence. Well, except does anyone have any degree of confidence in that happening, even in a Republican Congress? Or if they did, would anything come of it? At least we are finally talking about it. Now the fun begins.

I guess that is major problem #3. Yet look at what stuff government is investigating.

Have a look at one night’s coverage. Teed up and tee’d off.

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What me worry?


Sean Hannity’s favorite line is “let not your heart be troubled”.

Okay, that comes from John 14:1. Here is the full quote:
Let not your heart be troubled: ye believe in God, believe also in me.”

But the reality is, outside Jesus and the saving grace of God, you should be very troubled. Everything in this fallen world should be so troubling without Jesus Christ. He is the only thing that truly can calm our fears. The hope and the rock.

If current things do not trouble one’s heart a little, then one has to wonder about his/her state. The reassurance though is not of the world.

So when Sean borrows the words to put them into a different context, it really does them no good.

Later in that chapter He says:
“27 Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.” (NIV)

Yet almost every night he says in his show, “Let not your heart be troubled”. And why is that? What is he telling us? Why exactly should you not be troubled? He doesn’t say.

Unless he has some other explanation not to be troubled. Other than that, it just sort of bugs me hearing that blanket phrase all the time, especially as bad as things are now under the second occupation of Barack Obama.

Hannity bites the bullet

Sean Hannity took on the frustration with the loss, sort of.

Watch the video at

The second option, anger: “we can yell at the American people for not being as conservative as we wish, and that we were right, and that they ought to be more conservative. Now that might be emotionally cathartic, it might make you feel good. You may feel morally superior to the masses…and it’ll make conservatism a minority movement for a long, long time. I think we as conservatives, we should reject that option as well.”

First of all, who voted for this guy? Who put him in office, and who reelected him? We should not blame them for voting this guy a second term? No, according to Hannity, don’t hold it against them because “that will make conservatism a minority movement for a long, long time”.

Lets have a reality check. If this inexperienced failure could not be defeated by any movement, then something is wrong. If his record was not grounds to throw him out in utter defeat by any challenger with a resume, something is rotten to the core. Don’t point fingers at voters who did it?

And since he could not be beaten, just based on his own record – or lack of one – then what good was the Republican Party or conservatism? Don’t blame people for what they did by voting for this thug. If I’m not mistaken, and the Party and conservatives could not beat a failure like Obama, then how useful will they be? They certainly didn’t accomplish the deed here.

And we should worry about offending Obama supporters and marginalizing conservatism? If the movement was any good, then come hell or high water it could not be marginalized no matter what. What is this, walk softly and carry a big carnation?