Obamacare has no cures

Now that the nation’s healthcare is hostage to the government, is everyone happy? Of course not. Those are the stakes, like it or not. It’s hardly debatable. Pardon the rant.

Who do we have to blame that on? Barack Obama and his pack of radicals. We tried to tell people 7 years ago, when they politicized the healthcare system, that it was a bad thing to do. No, they wouldn’t listen. So Obama and Obamacare weaponized the nation’s healthcare and used it against us. Our medical system is subservient to government.

So if you resented the idea of a government bureaucrat between your doctor and you, look out. Now you have the entire federal government between you and your healthcare. But that is exactly what progressive liberals and socialists wanted. The state will do with it what it wants. What does that make you? Why not just call it Serfcare instead?

The politicians are up to their eyeballs in your healthcare. What’s next, asking them if you can have that knee surgery? Yet the whole thing is considered a healthcare right.

The implications are far and reaching. That means every election is potentially a referendum on our healthcare. Each administration, or Congress itself, can take it upon itself to rewrite the nation’s healthcare. Sure, we used to think that was too big a reach for them to do. Not so anymore. To redo Obamacare may be an arduous task which gets easier the more it is debated and voted on. If changed, the next administration can change it back, almost like an Executive Order. Now we see the truth.

What effect does that have on the industry itself? Who knows. Doesn’t offer much for stability, does it? That is not a calming feeling to the people.

Bad enough that now we already have accountants doing yeoman’s work being questioned from customers about their individual healthcare tax implications. They have to tell people what their tax penalty is and the in and outs to comply with the nannycare system.

Now many pundits see the writing on the wall. Charles Krauthammer said that in a few years there won’t be any debate about government involvement in the system.

Krauthammer told Chris Wallace:

“I think historically speaking we’re at the midpoint,” Krauthammer answered. “We had seven years of Obamacare, a change in expectations. And I would predict that in less than seven years we’ll be in a single payer system.” – Blaze

Now I don’t want to accept that as point of fact. I don’t want to think single-payer is now inevitable. Certainly it has gotten closer simply because of the government usurping and controlling the whole issue. So he is right in that once that began, the game and paradign has shifted. We can try to get it back but that will just be our version of the government based/tied system. The next political leaders have a chance to have it their way. We’ve already had how many elections with healthcare at the center.

Could it be permanently fixed in that position? I mean every election, indeed political candidate decision, may be factored by your healthcare or medical situation. Is that what politicians want; what people want? Politicians have enough problems doing the job they are sworn to do now, but have each one be a de facto lieutenant for healthcare?

And that was the problem with politicizing healthcare in the first place. Then passing Obamacare and a federally controlled system etched it into a permanent political issue. We saw that coming. Did libs? Did they care? They only wanted a single-payer system anyway. That’s the problem. What will future townhalls look like?

The process we are engaged in is even worse. Every argument conservatives used against Obamacare7 years ago is now used by Democrats against Republicans. That’s absurd. You cannot argue the failing points of Obamacare against a new plan, when you gladly endorsed Obamacare despite all the lies and problems. Now Dems repeat 7 yr-old criticisms that were used against them. They dug up all the old valid complaints on Obamacare, including wanting to kill off people. I thought it was rich but it is an orchestrated campaign.

First, Dems claimed their protests were duplicating what conservatives and Republicans did in Tea Parties. Then they started to disrupt and mock politicians at townhalls, saying that’s what conservatives did. They claimed it was the beginning of their mid-term come back — right after election — calling it the resistance. Faux imitation is not flattery.

So all of it supposedly follows the Tea Parties’ formula. (much as libs delegitimized those) Sigh. Even to the floor of Congress when Republicans passed the bill singing “nah nah nah nah, hey hey, goodbye.” Confident, aren’t they? But it is not healthcare or issues they care about, it’s power and politics. Even as a minority they are adept. Healthcare is a ward of the state. Screw up the nations healthcare, and supposedly it is a political victory?

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ObamaCare effects in process

Coming to a provider, clinic, doctor or hospital near you…at warp speed.

ObamaCare Takes Full Force in Next 18 Months, Americans Scrambling to Prepare

Tuesday, 16 Dec 2014 | Newsmax
By Newsmax Wires

Barring any new amendments, the massive new healthcare law dubbed “ObamaCare” is set to take full force in the next 12 to 18 months.

Most Americans don’t understand the new law and aren’t ready for its sweeping changes. These changes will impact everyone, seniors, small business, the employed, the unemployed, doctors, and medical professionals.

As a matter of fact, ObamaCare’s numerous provisions will soon alter:

  • The cost of health insurance, medical treatment, and prescription drugs . . .
  • The type and quality of healthcare available in the near future . . .
  • Even the ability to get in to see a doctor (any healthcare provider, for that matter) . . .

In fact, ObamaCare adds more than 30 million Americans to the healthcare rolls.

The program will be a massive tidal wave and experts say it may even cause doctor and nurse shortages.

And one study found that up to 40% of doctors are leaving practices due to the punitive regulations under ObamaCare.

This could result in health-threatening delays just to visit a doctor, as well as potentially substandard treatment. Plus, seniors in particular can expect alarming cuts to their Medicare benefits.

That’s because ObamaCare literally robs Peter to pay Paul by cutting $716 billion from Medicare over the next decade to fund other services under Obama’s Affordable Care Act.

Worse, the law puts Medicaid on parity with Medicare, a fact that will likely weaken Medicare!

Given the election results, Americans are now seeking to prepare for these changes. Those who don’t could be hit very hard.

Right now, millions of Americans are desperately scrambling for answers as the new rules and regulations of ObamaCare begin to take hold.

ObamaCare could degrade the quality of your healthcare if you are not prepared.

Read Latest Breaking News from Newsmax.com:  http://www.newsmax.com/MKTNews/Obamacare-changes-your-healthcare/2012/11/16/id/464481/

H/T to Pepp for the article.

These effects are coming just as predicted, and seemingly right on schedule from the master planners. I do get a little weary of the Left acting as if these are just little hiccups and accidents that can be straightened out… like how they ironed it out originally.

There are those net affects of stealing from Medicare to fund it coming to full bloom. Oh remember how they denied that one? That was at the very same time they blamed the GOP for trying to cut Medicare. All the ObamaCare sound bites — lies as we call them.

Getting and being prepared? Well, that is a little hard for most people given the scope of this. In any other reality this might give birth to the largest class-action lawsuit in history. Barring that, what change will we see brought about?

It’s doubtful they will want to fix anything until we feel the full affects from it. The Obama minions would cry ‘that is hypothetical like the death panels’. So when the naysayers of ObamaCare end up being right, who cares to point it out and correct the record? Think of all the people who were demonized for opposing ObamaCare.

PPACA: built on a mountain of lies that keeps on growing. Politicos always say “next election.” We’ve had 4 elections about this monstrosity but it’s gotten worse, not better.

A lie is a lie is a ______

What do the statements have in common?

“Read my lips, no new taxes” — George H Bush

“I did not have sexual relations with that woman” — BJ Clinton

“”I can say categorically that his investigation indicates that no one on the White House staff, no one in this administration, presently employed, was involved in this very bizarre incident.” Richard Nixon on the Watergate burglary

“Not even a smidgen of corruption” – Barry Soetoro, Barack Hussein Obama

“If you like your plan, you can keep it” – Barack Hussein Obama

“If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” – BHO

“No matter how we reform health care, I intend to keep this promise: If you like your doctor, you’ll be able to keep your doctor; if you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan.”

“If you like your current plan, you will be able to keep it. Let me repeat that: If you like your plan, you’ll be able to keep it.”

“If you like your doctor, you will be able to keep your doctor, period. If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan, period. No one will take it away, no matter what.” – Barack Obama, June 15, 2010

Fuhgedaboudit! Of course, they would like us to forget these statements… lies. But people don’t tend to forget them, especially when constantly repeated, even by allies.

With respect to the first three, there was at least some accountability for them. Bush lost, the blue dress came out, Cinton was impeached in the House, and Nixon resigned.

Now a few words from Nixon:

“I was not lying. I said things that later on seemed to be untrue.” — President Richard Nixon, reflecting on the Watergate scandal in 1978

What really hurts is if you try to cover it up.” –President Richard Nixon at the beginning of Watergate.

“People have got to know whether or not their President is a crook.”

“I don’t give a s**t what happens. I want you all to stonewall–plead the Fifth Amendment, cover-up, or anything else. If that will save it, save the plan.” – Nixon to his subordinates during Watergate

Obama has his own theory: If you like your lie, you can keep your lie, period!

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Insurance Health…not health insurance

Everyone is concentrating on Healthcare, non-Affordable Healthcare at that. Maybe we should first look closer at the health of insurance rather than healthcare insurance? To that end at least one person has dared to go there in this column.

The Only Obamacare Fix Is For Obama To Legalize Real Health Insurance

Paul Hsieh — Op/Ed | Forbes
11/17/2013 [a few excerpts]

The President has proposed a one-year “fix” to deal with the political fallout from his broken promise (or lie), “If you like your insurance plan, you will keep it.” Now it’s, “If you like your plan, you can keep it until after the 2014 mid-term elections. Maybe.” But the problems with ObamaCare go much deeper than cancelled insurance. As surprising as it sounds, most Americans never had real health insurance to begin with — and were not allowed to by law. And the only cure for our current health insurance mess is to legalize real health insurance.

What most people consider health “insurance” is actually genuine insurance combined with inefficient pre-paid medical care. Contrast that with standard car or homeowners insurance policies. Those plans protect us against unlikely but expensive events, such as a bad car accident or a house fire. But we don’t use car insurance to cover routine predictable expenses such as oil changes.


Suppose someone today wished to buy an insurance plan that covered only serious illnesses and accidents (and otherwise pay for routine health expenses with his Health Savings Account.) For many people, that would be an excellent combination. Yet he would not allowed to by law. Because of legal mandates, insurers may not sell such plans, and individuals may not purchase them.

ObamaCare did not create these problems, but does double down on them. Hence, to fix those problems, we’ll not only need to repeal ObamaCare but also prior bad laws.


In addition to specific policy proposals, we need a broader national conversation on the proper functions (and limits) of government. Hence, I was encouraged by this recent Chicago Tribune editorial editorial that observed:

Accept that government doesn’t know what’s best for everyone. That people can decide what coverage they need and can afford. A strong marketplace offers choices for every wallet. Obamacare’s rules curtail those choices.

Such discussion is a good step in the right direction. Instead of debating which new government entitlements to create, we should be vigorously debating which freedoms to restore.

The president’s proposed “fix” won’t work. The only lasting “fix” is freedom. Legalizing real health insurance would be a damned good place to start.

See entire column:


What a novel concept, putting the health in insurance.

Poll: Majority in U.S. Say Healthcare Not Gov’t Responsibility

Gallup says: Republicans’ attitudes on this measure have changed significantly since 2000

by Joy Wilke | November 18, 2013

PRINCETON, NJ — The 56% of U.S. adults who now say it is not the federal government’s responsibility to make sure all Americans have healthcare coverage continues to reflect a record high. Prior to 2009, a clear majority of Americans consistently had said the government should take responsibility for ensuring that all Americans have healthcare.

Attitudes across all three partisan groups have shifted away from the view that ensuring healthcare coverage is a proper role of government, but most significantly among Republicans and independents. In September 2000, 53% of Republicans believed the government should not be responsible for ensuring all Americans had health coverage; today, 86% feel that way, an increase of 33 percentage points in 13 years. Over the same period, the percentage of Republicans believing the government should ensure healthcare coverage for all has fallen from 42% to 12%.

55% of independents currently say the government should not be involved with healthcare — an increase of 28 points since 2000.

The percentage of Democrats who hold this view is now 30%, its highest level since Gallup first asked the question and an 11-point increase since 2000 — with the largest change in opinion occurring between 2006 and 2008.

More: Gallup

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Obama said he would have a health care solution for the country.  It would be discussed at a round table with doctors, hospital executives, pharmacies, and others involved in health care.  The discussions would be completely open and televised on CSPAN.  WOW.  I must have missed TV when they were telecast, (and Mr. Bill, you said Jon Lovitz shouldn’t call Obama a liar!)    Fancy Nancy then said you can’t read it until we pass it.  One idiot congressman asked why should we read it first, we don’t understand it!! Some of my friends say OMGcare has been great.  That’s because you are just getting the goodies now.  Like the kids who eat all their Halloween candy before they go to bed, they wake up with one hell of a stomach ache.  Also, like the Pied Piper getting rid of the rats, now he has to be paid.  Well, here’s what you’ll pay and there isn’t enough Pepto Bismo in the world to ease the stomach ache you’ll have


Page 22 — Mandates the government will audit books of all employers who self-insure.

Page 29 Lines 4-16   — Healthcare rationing – You can only receive so much care per year – $5,000 per individual, $10,000 per family.

Page 30 Section 123  —  There will be a government committee that decides what treatments and benefits you receive.

Page 42  — The healthcare  commissioner will choose your healthcare benefits for you.  You have no choice.

Page 50 Section 152  — Healthcare will be provided to all non-U.S. citizens,  even if they are here illegally. 

Page 58   —  The government will have real time access to individual’s finances and a national I.D. card will be issued.

Page 59 Lines 21-24  — The government will have direct access to your bank accounts elective funds transfer.

Page 65 Line 151  —  This is a payoff subsidized plan for retirees and their families in unions and community organizations (such as ACORN).

Page 72 Lines 8-14   — The government is creating a healthcare exchange to bring private healthcare plans under government control.  At age 76 when you most need it, you are not eligible for cancer treatment.

Page 84 Section 203  — Government mandates ALL benefit packages for private healthcare plans in the exchange.

Page 85, Line 7   —   AARP members – you healthcare will be rationed.

Page 91, Lines 4-7  —  Government mandates linguistic appropriate services or translation for illegal aliens.

Page 95 Lines 8-18   —  The government will use groups like ACORN and AmeriCorps to sign up individuals for government healthcare plan.

Page 102 Lines 12-18 — Medicaid eligible individuals will be automatically enrolled in Medicaid.  Here you have no choice.

Page 124 Lines 24-25  — No company can sue the government on “price fixing” and there will be NO “judicial review” against government monopoly.

Page 126 Lines 22-25  — Employers MUST pay for healthcare for part time employees AND their families.

Page 127 Lines 1-16  —  Doctors and the AMA – the government WILL tell you how much money you can make.

Page 145 Lines 15-17  — employers MUST enroll employees into government plan.  You have no choices.

Page 149 Lines 16-24 — An employer with a payroll of $400,000 and above who does not provide government option will pay an 8% tax on ALL payrolls.

Page 150 Lines 9-13  — Any employer with a payroll between $251,000 and $400,000 who does not provide government option WILL pay a 2-6% tax on all payroll.

Page 167   — Any individual who does not have acceptable healthcare coverage according to the government will be TAXED 2.5%.

Page 170 Lines 1-3  —  Any non-resident alien is exempt from individual taxes (you and I will pay for them)

Page 195  —  Officers and employees of healthcare administration (government) WILL have access to all Americans’ financial and personal records.

Page 203 Lines 14-15  — The tax imposed under this section shall not be treated as tax.

Page 239 Lines 14-24  —  Government WILL reduce physician services for medicade.  Seniors, poor and low income will be very affected.

Page 241 Lines 6-8  —   ALL doctors no matter what specialty, WILL be paid the same and the government will set all doctors’ fees

Page 253 Lines 10-18  —  Government will set the value of doctors’ time and professional judgments, literally, the value of human life.

Page 265 Sec. 1131  —   Government mandates and controls productivity for private healthcare industries.

Page 268 Sec. 1141  —  Federal government regulate rental and purchase of power-driven wheelchairs.

Page 272 Sec. 1145   —  Treatment of certain cancer hospitals.  Cancer patients – welcome to rationing.  Cancer

Hospitals will ration care according to patient’s age.  At age 76 when you most need it you will not be eligible for cancer treatment.

Page 280 Sec. 1151  — The government WILL penalize hospitals for what the government deems “preventable re-admission”.

Page 317 Lines 13-20  —  Prohibition on ownership/investment.  The government tells doctors what and how much they can own.

Page 317 Lines 21-25  —  Prohibition of expansion – the government mandates if hospitals can or cannot expand.

Page 321 Lines 2-13  —  Hospitals have the opportunity to apply for exception but community input is required.

Page 335 Lines 16-25  —  Government mandates establishment of outcome based measures.  Healthcare the

Page 336-339   —    the way THEY want it – RATIONING.

Page 341 Lines 3-9   —  Government has authority to DISQUALIFY medical plans, HMO’s, etc. forcing all into government healthcare plans.

Page 354 Sec. 1177  —  Government will restrict enrollment of special needs individuals.

Page 379 Sec. 1191   — Government creates more bureaucracy the Telehealth Advisory Committee.

Page 425 Lines 4-12  —  Mandatory advanced care planning committee – seniors will be interview every year and decisions made as to what care they can or cannot receive.

Page 425 Lines 17-19  —  Government WILL instruct and consult regarding living wills and durable powers of attorney.  This is mandatory.

Page 425 Lines 22-25  — Government provides approved list of end-of-life resources guiding you into death.

Page 427 Lines 15-24  —  Government mandates programs for orders for end-of-life.  The government has a say in how your life ends.

Page 429 Lines 1-9   —  “Advanced care planning consultation” will be used frequently as patient’s health deteriorates

Page 429 Lines 10-12  —  “Advanced care consultation” may include an order for end-of-life plans – an order from the government

Page 429 Lines 13-25  —  The government will specify which doctors can write an end-of-life order.

Page 430 Lines 11-15  —  The government will decide what level of treatment you will have at end-of-life.

Page 469   — There will be community based home medical services such as ACORN.

Page 472 Lines 14-17  — There will be one monthly payment to such community based organizations such as ACORN.

Page 489 Sec. 1308   —  The government will cover marriage and family therapy which means they are inserting government into your marriage.

Pages 494-498   —  The government will cover mental health services, including defining, creating, and rationing those services.

All this comes with a $2trillion dollar price tag, some of which is paid out of Medicare which will be going to almost $250 in 2014.  Please read the bill.


It is specifically states that this bill will not apply to members of Congress.



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