FALN: justice denied

These domestic terrorists remain unprosecuted for their acts. Bill and Hillary pardoned FALN terrorists and enabled them. Obama later pardoned one of the FALN stragglers.

Eric Holder did his part and now has presidential aspirations of his own.

Yet MSM remains as quiet as church mice about these terrorists. Always has. Drive a news story? Fuhgeddaboudit! Congress has done little to capture terrorist thugs in Cuba.

Where is justice? A lot of people are asking that same question these days.

Hillary never paid the price or was held accountable. No one was.

Terrorists Murdered My Father. They Have Not Seen Justice

By Joe Connor January 24, 2019 | National Review
Bill Clinton and Barack Obama gave some clemency; the chief bomb-maker escaped to Cuba.

Forty-four years ago today, terrorists shattered my family. Sadly, the war against these individuals and their benefactors continues to this day.

My father, 33-year-old Frank Connor, and three other innocent men were murdered, while scores were injured and maimed, on Jan. 24, 1975, when the Marxist Puerto Rican terrorist group Armed Forces for National Liberation (“FALN”) blew up New York’s historic Fraunces Tavern during a crowded lunchtime. The FALN appointed themselves my father’s judge, jury, and executioner, profiling, targeting, and savagely murdering so-called “reactionary corporate executives.” The Connor family had planned to celebrate my ninth and my brother’s 11th birthday that very night.

Fraunces Tavern was targeted by the FALN — who paid lip service to independence but in reality sought to impose a Cuban-style socialist regime in Puerto Rico — for its proximity to Wall Street and for its storied reputation as the birthplace of American liberty. Alexander Hamilton and the Sons of Liberty met there. General George Washington bade farewell to his officers at Fraunces after the Revolutionary War…./


When Americans call it the Department of Injustice that is what they are talking about.

Christie in Crisis

Has Christie crossed the line?

There are a couple problems with the Christie story. For now I’ll accept it as he has told it.

Here was another article on it: http://cfif.org/v/freedom_line_blog/19915/a-few-thoughts-on-the-christie-scandal/ It’s good basic information.

When Christie says he didn’t know anything about it, I will accept that premise. But when I do that a few things happen: first it says he was unaware of a major undertaking of his team. That hurts because it could indicate incompetence. See to believe all the “know nothing” claims from Obama, in scandal after scandal, you would have to conclude that he is incompetent.

And if Christie knows nothing, then it actually makes the case that an executive in government can excuse the actions of his subordinates by claiming he/she did not know anything about it. See Hillary and Obama’s records on how that works. Try that in business. Fairness to Christie, he did claim he was still responsible.

So I do have a problem that he did not know what was going on. Remember even Axelrod came to Obama’s defense claiming government is so big and vast that he could not possibly know what was going on. Interestingly, David Axelrod was one of the first to claim Christie did the best he could in this situation. (was that a compliment or an insult…which is it?)

If we were out to make the case for “ignorance is an excuse” in office, Christie’s apology-presser goes a long way in doing that. If we are to buy it, then we also grant that Obama and Hillary could be ignorant to what was going on, say, in Benghazi. Or even in the IRS.

I now have a problem. Is it now a legitimate excuse to just say you didn’t know, even though you should have and you are being paid to know? I don’t think that is a good enough excuse. I don’t think it was for Obama, nor for Hillary, nor for Holder, nor should it be for Christie. Ignorance is not a good enough excuse. We know how politicians rely on plausible deniability (i.e. Being such that plausible disavowal or disclaimer is possible).

Just what we need, another excuse for Obama’s conduct and abuse of power. No thanks.

RightRing | Bullright

Big Brother is in the house…

Huelskamp: Government Surveillance Like ‘Big Brother’

Friday, 07 Jun 2013 — Newsmax

By Jim Meyers and John Bachman

Rep. Tim Huelskamp tells Newsmax that revelations about the government’s surveillance operations are “astonishing” — and calls the federal government “Big Brother.”

The Kansas Republican also says it is “pretty evident” that Attorney General Eric Holder and people at the IRS have lied to Congress.

Rep. Huelskamp was first elected in 2010 and ran unopposed in 2012. He is a member of the Tea Party Caucus.

Members of Congress as well as ordinary citizens have been stunned by disclosures about a secret government intelligence operation targeting millions of Americans’ phone, email, and Internet records as a tool to fight terrorism.

“There are things going on here that are particularly worrisome,” Huelskamp says in an exclusive interview with Newsmax TV on Friday.

“This is not targeted to suspected terrorists, this is anybody who uses the phone in this country or uses YouTube or Apple or Skype.

“You know as we speak here there’s a record being made somewhere in Washington that we actually called one another on this phone line. That has never been indicated to me, and most of my colleagues are probably completely unaware that the administration was engaged in this type of monitoring of American citizens.

“It is shocking that we’re relying on media sources for this to be released – a British newspaper and now finally some newspapers here in this country.

“There are some folks that are claiming they were fully aware in Congress that this was going on. I was not one of them. I certainly would not have voted for the Patriot Act knowing they were pulling down hundreds of millions of phone records and categorizing and keeping them somewhere in Washington, D.C.

“I don’t trust them with the information. They’ve got a long history of leaking data as indicated by these news reports. So we will have a closed door session with the NSA and other folks on Monday and hopefully we’ll start getting some answers on this, but this is astonishing and this has never been revealed to me or most members of Congress.”

Asked about the “leaking,” Huelskamp says: “Data in the federal government has been notoriously open to hacking. I serve on the Veterans Affairs Committee. We just discovered earlier this week that up to 20 million private medical and financial data records of veterans in this country have been hacked, potentially by a Chinese-related company.

“These are the same folks that are supposedly protecting all of our telephone records that they have taken without permission and without warrant, we believe. So I’m worried about them having that information — number one, what are they going to do with it, but also who else might access that information when you have a government that can’t even protect records of veterans?”

The Department of Homeland Security “was supposedly watching the data at the VA and we know that they don’t know what they’ve lost. We know Chinese hackers went inside the system. I just say that Americans are very upset that the federal government, Washington, Big Brother, can come in here and take a look at all their phone records.

More: http://www.newsmax.com/Newsfront/huelskamp-government-surveillance-big/2013/06/07/id/508754?s=al&promo_code=13C49-1#ixzz2VgcMYcqr

Crisis on Pennsylvania Ave.

My central question is this (pardon me if it is self-evident to some people) :

Is Obama trying to create a Constitutional crisis, then extort it for gain?

It is the M-O of organizers to use or create friction and dispute, then take advantage of it however they can. “Never let a crisis go to waste” is their motto, I think.

Look what he did with the Obamcare, fast and furious, the fiscal mess, the fiscal crisis, and the sequestration and fallout, still unfolding.

Now with simultaneous scandals gripping every branch of government, and most departments of this administration, isn’t it hard to label it mere “coincidence”? What would they be doing if not causing scandals? They sure do set up quite the show. Does it all set the stage Constitutional crisis?

Extreme Irony along the way:

The IRS wants you to list every book you read, and name the people who influenced you and their political philosophy… etc, etc, etc. Yet at a congressional hearing, the same IRS employees can not answer one question and plead the fifth amendment protection. What’s wrong with that picture? It appears they were granted an exemption too.

BP vs. Benghazi

Apparently, no one knows who changed or wrote the talking points Susan Rice blurted on every media channel long after the attack in Benghazi. Picture a bunch of kids in a circle saying “it wasn’t me!”

But this week offered another glaring contradiction into this administration. It was surrounding the BP disaster.

In an ongoing battle and settlement talks, the (in)Justice department fought to hold BP accountable on manslaughter for those killed from the blast that started the Gulf oil spill. Think about that. They claim the catastrophe was due to BP’s misconduct and negligence, and thereby making it responsible for manslaughter that killed 11 crewmembers.

Contrast that with the security, terrorism and murder that killed an ambassador and three Americans. It would even have been worse except for the heroes that responded to the attack after being told to stand down, who saved many lives. And then in the aftermath, Obama and his administration cannot understand why we the people are so outraged over their negligence, and subsequent cover-up, in handling the attack. Or about the many warnings going back for months of security problems. He even goes so far as implying he is a victim, along with Rice Rice, of his critics’s politics.

Yet when it comes to BP, they clearly see a connection with the blame for dead people due to BP’s negligence. And they are willing to fight a court battle to prove it. They even demand BP accept that blame. Both cases come from the same administration.

One would think that the accountability would be even higher in one of its embassies; in a place they are taking credit for liberating. And look at all the different stories we heard from the administration describinbg this serious act of terrorism on 9/11. In BP’s case, the CEO wanted his life back (whoa is me) and in this case Americans want their government back and some accountability. Heck, we can’t get any clear answers to the many questions on Benghazi. They didn’t even want to admit the terrorists who took credit for the attack soon after.

Had it been BP, this administration would be outraged beyond outrage. And they would demand answers immediately – on behalf of the people.

Ref: Headlines about BP are

BP guilty of misconduct, negligence in Gulf oil spill


Businessweek.com reports:

“The U.S. also charged two BP well-site managers with involuntary manslaughter and a former executive with obstruction and false statements.”

They will conduct a war on energy but deny the radical terrrorist threats. “Al Qaeda is decimated”…. so the dictator has spoken.

Remember the hearing on BP where “Rep. Anh “Joseph” Cao, R-Louisiana went so far as to suggest McKay try a type of ritual suicide”?

Maybe no one has used the right language to get Obama’s attention yet.

One flew into the DoJ

Sometimes things can go bump in the night. Those are often unfounded, false alarms or something that inadvertently can be explained in retrospect. Still they cause your hair to stand up if even for a few seconds.

But then here you go of things that should go bump even in broad daylight but not necessarily do. And that is the daylight within government walls.(DoJ walls) They are pretty much admitted and the fears they raise validated; but to the contrary are often celebrated as moving forward. Well, I don’t know how they’d explain this one if they even could. But that is the point: they haven’t and may not have to explain it. Like many of the things this administration does, it is left for us to deal with the consequences.

So there is a post from Gates of Vienna talking about the absurdity or defiance of the Dep. of Injustice(the dep of justice is now obsolete) worth seeing.  Reading Obama’s program for hiring disabled is like reading something from sci-fi.  Obama issues an executive order based on a Clinton EO, but then cranks it up to light speed. It looks like stupid on steroids.

The Washington Times editorial reported:

EDITORIAL: Holder’s “severe mental deficiency”

Justice Department takes affirmative action to crazy extremes

You don’t have to have a severe intellectual disability to work at the Justice Department. But it helps.

According to a July 31 policy memo titled “Hiring of persons with targeted disabilities,” otherwise problematic mental deficiencies are no barrier to jump-starting a career at Justice. The memo lists a number of “targeted disabilities” that trigger special hiring privileges in compliance with President Obama’s Executive Order 13548. Among them are people with “severe intellectual disability,” “psychiatric disability” or other undefined “current severe physical, intellectual or mental conditions.” Most employers would balk at even minor mental disabilities in hiring a lawyer, let alone severe ones. But the policy states that the Cabinet department run by Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr. must “achieve a work force from all segments of society,” which includes those who are teetering on the edge of sanity.

[…/ And summarizes it with this]

Affirmative action has gone far astray from its origins as a means of correcting specific acts of unlawful discrimination. The Justice Department’s new policy reveals that special preferences are being used actively to deny opportunities to otherwise well- or better-qualified job seekers in the name of an abstract view of fairness. Ironically under the first black president, the federal hiring process is separate and unequal.

Read more: EDITORIAL: Holder’s “severe mental deficiency” – Washington Times

If you go to the PDF form, it states a series of “targeted” disabilities. The list is on the left of the form. If those aren’t enough, they add under “Other Impairments”: epilepsy, severe intellectual disability, psychiatric disability, dwarfism.

Of course, under psychiatric disability you can imagine a plethora of things which presumably might bring one from the psych-ward to a coveted job in the DoJ. Maybe this falls under “the wheels of justice”, which apparently need some help.


Tip of hat to Gates of Vienna for reporting it.

Follow the yellow brick road

This is just some thoughts in progress. I decided to jot down a few notes. As the campaign comes into full swing, it is tough to keep track of all the shaking, rattling and rolling of just the politics.

I’ll be darned; it is the first election in ten years that is not about the war in Iraq or the war in Afghanistan. See, one more thing the Dems prove they can spin on a dime on. Its albeit irrelevant for them. And Obama’s unConstitutional Libya action, where he acted unilaterally without Congressional approval? Well, that’s a non-starter now, to Dems anyway. They couldn’t care less about that. To his weekly private meetings on assassinations, a resounding “we don’t care” from the crickets in Democrat Party. Oops, to add a slice of drama to their careless position, they celebrate it and hail him a hero like some ‘new wave’ foreign policy guru. Even though this guy has anything but a great foreign policy resume’. Nothing could prevent their attacks on George Bush though.

And then the leaks. Rather than condemn and criticize the leaks, Obama sighed and changed the subject. Especially as they attempted to bolster his credentials. (amazing how they could do that) Dems followed suit. National security was not a problem. Only a few Dems stepped up to criticize the leaks, while trying to deny the WH involvement. Obama issued a blanket rejection that the leaks didn’t come from “his White House.” In fact, he declared it “offensive” to even raise questions that they came from the WH. And the press and Dems once again said he addressed the matter and that was that. It was supposed to be over just because he said so and the Dems wanted it that way.

Per script they said the American people didn’t care about that stuff, it was all just politics.

And there was the response to Solyndra and losing 500 million dollars of taxpayer money in a whopping failure. Oh, right, what response? Something about Bush, yea that was it.

Then there is the response to Fast and Furious. Obama eventually stepped in to declare Executive Privilege on everything pertaining to Congressional investigation of Holder’s DOJ on it. From the crowd of Dems and even press, a yawn as they hit the snooze button. They called it a manufactured scandal. Only when the Congress acted to hold Holder in contempt did they consider it newsworthy.

Finally, Democrats’ heated response was to stage a walkout of Congress, in defense of Holder, and heap a healthy round of criticism on it. But a walkout? Then came cries of racism. Holder was the victim. However, Congress was the problem, one of politics, not the facts and scandal of Fast and Furious, according to Dems. One has to remember all these consistent inconsistencies, if only to recall all the places the Dems have been.

They still talk about Valerie Plame and Scooter Libby, or anyhing pertaining to so-called Bush scandals.That deserves all the criticism they can muster.