Message N A – II

Pandora’s Box is Open, Obama and Iran Must be Stopped !!!


Never Again is Now


Iran’s Lies Are Matched by Obama’s

“The head of Iran’s nuclear project was quoted in the London’s daily Al Hayat as confessing, or rather bragging, that Iran has repeatedly lied to the West in past exchanges about the subject. Furthermore Fereydoun Abbasi-Davani, the head of the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, as reported in Haaretz, told Al Hayat that the Iranian regime had provided false information to the International Atomic Energy Agency in order to protect their nuclear facilities and achievements.” This is enough proof that we must act now.

Newt Gingrich has called for called for a unilateral, pre-emptive strike by America, NOT AN INVASION. Shirly Lewis suggests, and I concur, “The United States, not Israel, must execute a surprise, pre-emptive air attack against all of Iran’s strike back capabilities, and its entire uraniaum enrichment and nuclear weapons facilities. The attack would begin with EMP (electronic magnetic pulse) that would shut Iran down completely so the US could do a thorough job that would end Iran’s nuclear quest for decades, perhaps even forever, not just a few years. I repeat this is an air attack, not an invasion.”

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This poster must become the centerpiece for the Jewish community to Stop Iran. None can escape the profound effect this poster has on any who views it.


For those like the honorable Bill O’Reilly of Fox News fame and Iran’s Ahmadinejad who insist that a strike on Iran will lead to WWWIII, the truth is that if we don’t strike now, it will.

We are on the brink of finding ourselves involved in a full-fledged world war, and it can still be prevented if the America unilaterally acts to attack Iran. Those who are still counting on Russia and China have obviously drunk Obama’s Kool-Aid.

After all it is Obama’s foreign policy that opened up the Pandora‘s box in the Middle East when he didn’t take Iran to task, now we are facing a rebellion throughout the Islamic world which is directly challenging America’s global leadership. The situation is almost inoperable; we can no longer wait, stopping this madness will be near impossible, even if Romney takes office in January. That is why America must rise up and demand Obama lead the attack on Iran while the opportunity still exist.

Sever Iran’s influence in the region and the balance of power will shift back to America as the leader of the free world. Stop Iran, you stop Syria, you stop Hamas, you stop the Muslim Brotherhood, and you end Russia and China’s influence in the region. Russia and China need America’s economy and American know-how. Russia and China will not permit Iran to close the Strait of Hormuz, once America launches an attack, they need the oil.

America can no longer play second fiddle to Islamic tyranny and survive. We not only need to hear from Ambassador Bolton, but from Glenn Beck, Sarah Palin, Hagee, the GOP, Fox News and the rest. What we need to hear from them is only one word “DEMAND.” No more sanctions, no more petitions, no more non-binding agreements, no more warnings, just demand that President Obama destroy Iran’s nuclear terrorist infrastructure now.

Only then can they inspire our base to rise up with the same patriotism not seen in this country since our founders declared our independence from England. Then defeating Obama will be child’s play.

As Americans we do not apologize and beg on behalf of the Constitution. We don’t take marching orders from religious fascist or their secular totalitarian brethren. We stand with the Constitution and its Covenant as our stalwart, if not we stand for nothing at all.

Iran poses an imminent threat to America, as well as our ally Israel. The GOP must be willing to stand as one and protect our constitution and their pledge to defend it, by demanding Obama launches an immediate attack on Iran. If not, like Obama, they will turn our back on everything this nation stands for and stood against for over 200 years. Get the picture?

Netanyahu is coming to the UN and he will ask the world community to stop Iran and the mullahs. Obama has no intention of doing this. Only one thing Netanyahu needs to hear from the rabbis, the pro-Israel groups, and the Jewish federations: “President Obama, destroy the nuclear holocaust chambers of death now.” This is not a one day affair we must hound Obama and put pressure on him until he has no choice but to take action

You can download the poster above and or the two sided flyer and start posting it in your communities. The Victorious America campaign to end the Iranian threat now will be forthcoming as promised Please forward this e-mail to your lists

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Stanley Zir

Founder of Never Again is &Victoriosuamerica LTD