The King has spoken

GOP Reinvigorated After Obama Admin Delays Key Healthcare Provision

July 3, 2013

The Obama administration’s decision to delay implementation of a key part of the Affordable Care Act has the law’s Republican opponents positively giddy.
“GOP ad makers are busy at work cutting new Obamacare ads,” noted Rick Wiley, former political director at the Republican National Committee.
The Obama administration announced yesterday that it would delay for one year the part of the health care law that requires employers with more than 50 employees to offer health insurance or pay a penalty.
The administration cited a desire to respond to the concerns of small business and give them more time to comply. But the provision has been the subject of complaints by business owners and threats that employers would either cut their full-time workforce to avoid the mandate or increase the number of part-time employees who won’t be guaranteed insurance under the new law.
On the one hand, the administration avoids a series of politically painful stories about negative, unintended consequences of the provision, which they admit is not quite ready for primetime.
Republicans believe, however, that even by pushing the issue into 2015, the Obama administration makes implementation of this part of the law a problem for the Democratic presidential nominee in 2016.
“All the president has done here is, he’s now guaranteed that it’s going to be a huge issue in the 2016 race,” said Matt Mackiowiak, a Republican strategist with Potomac Strategy Group. “I’m not sure it’ll be a gift to Hillary or Biden or whoever the nominee is.”
“There’s going to be a huge amount of turbulence as that provision kicks in and it’s going to create a lot of problems for Dems,” he added.
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Evidently, the king has spoken. So it will be done. It seems everything is much easier when done by the emperor’s order.(note sarcasm) It makes it much simpler.

Up to this point, all we heard was “its the law” — the law of the land. Now it sounds more like the king’s edict. It can exempt those it wants, it can issue a decree to delay it.

We still don’t know what all is in it. At the same time Dems keep telling us “we are a nation of laws”, even as they scheme to create amnesty.

And is he throwing it back into Hillary’s lap to defend it? (must have more time to get our story straight)