Dear Jeh Johnson

You bitch and moan about the Russian hacking threat while saying nothing about countless death threats to electors around the country. Or all the assassination threats aimed at Trump, or the hyperbolic fake stories on Islamophobia, or the cop-hating agenda. Very selective outrage.

Jeh, you’re colder and more calculated than a Russian bear. Who needs a Russian threat when we got you? There’s a bear in the woods alright, closer to home than we’re told.

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Word police, DHS, Jeh Johnson and speech p/c

DHS report before Orlando massacre: Political correctness needed to fight Islamic terrorism

Washington Times

A report by the Homeland Security Advisory Council released days before the Islamic terror attack in Orlando, Florida, stressed the importance of combating extremism by avoiding terms that might offend Muslims. A HSAC subcommittee first created by DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson in 2015 published its report on June 9. Some instructions found in the report include:…


The Daily Caller reports:

The report urges DHS officials to “Reject religiously-charged terminology and problematic positioning by using plain meaning American English.”

For example, the report says the DHS should be “using American English instead of religious, legal and cultural terms like ‘jihad,’ ‘sharia,’ ‘takfir’ or ‘umma.’”

The report acknowledges that, “There is a disagreement among scholars, government officials, and activists about the right lexicon to use around the issues of violent extremism.”

Nevertheless, the report states, “Under no circumstance should we be using language that will alienate or be disrespectful of fellow Americans.”

“We must speak with honor and respect about all communities within the United States. We should give dignity to the many histories and diversities within our nation and advocate for a consistent whole of government approach that utilizes agreed terms and words. Tone and word choice matter,” the report states.

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It says that they should not use words like Sharia, Jihad, Takfir and refrain from using religiously charged terms. But the President of Islam defense goes to the prayer breakfast and lectures about Crusades and criticizes Christians.

The report advocates using and promoting gender diversity to youth. But avoid those things and terms that may be charged or problematic toward Muslims or Islam. Though any opportunity they get to critiize Christians or speak ill of them is acceptable.

For instance when they promote abortion and same-sex marriage, those are not divisive, religiously charged or problematic terms. My disgust meter registered a new high. Talking derogatorily about and marginalizing Christians is acceptable. In fact, it is encouraged.

I bet that would have some effect on Radical Islamic Terrorism.

See no evil, say no evil

On the Sunday news circuit, HS Secretary Jeh Johnson reminded the public that “if you see something say something.”

Well, just as long as you don’t say that you see Islamic radicalism or terrorism. You are not supposed to see or say that.

Secret agent man does Secret Service

This Secret Service mishap reads something like an episode of Secret Agent Man. We have the fence jumper and now another incident comes to light from Obama’s CDC visit. That on top of the other SS problems in the last couple years.

Okay, we know what happened but now the reaction. One hearing and it is almost unanimous Julia Pierson has to go. I never saw that much consensus for a firing before. Obama seemed to jump on the bandwagon.

“The president concluded that new leadership of that agency was required,” Earnest said.

That is the quickest firing Obama ever did. Funny about that. Think of all the scandals to hit the airwaves, and his promises to fix it, and the faux statements to hold people accountable. Then what happened? This time it’s “wham bam, thank you, mam.” You almost have to hit the slow motion button to see what happened.

Now today her resignation and deep regrets. That is almost predictable.

“I think it’s in the best interest of the Secret Service and the American public if I step down,” Pierson said. “Congress has lost confidence in my ability to run the agency. The media has made it clear that this is what they expected. … It’s painful to leave as the agency is reeling from a significant security breach.”

The resignation might sound boilerplate, but hold on for the DHS response from Secretary Jeh Johnson. Appoint an interim Director, call for a panel (committee) to study it, ask them if broader — agency wide — recommendations (reforms) are needed, and ask them to recommend who the next chief should be. (see his Statement) Say what?

I almost think she’s a scape goat. Now why would I think that? Excerpts from Johnson:

Today, I have also asked the Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas, aided by this Department’s General Counsel, to assume control and direction of the ongoing inquiry by the Secret Service of the fence jumping incident at the White House on September 19. Deputy Secretary Mayorkas should complete that review and submit findings to me by November 1, 2014.

Finally, I have also determined that scrutiny by a distinguished panel of independent experts of the September 19 incident and related issues concerning the Secret Service is warranted. The Panelists will be named shortly. By December 15, 2014, this panel will submit to me its own assessment and recommendations concerning security of the White House compound. I will also invite the panel to submit to me recommendations for potential new directors of the Secret Service, to include recommendations of individuals who come from outside the Secret Service. I will also request that the panel advise me about whether it believes, given the series of recent events, there should be a review of broader issues concerning the Secret Service.

Can you get all that big-government parsing? What panel is this that will choose who the next director should be? Does the Homeland Secretary not make any of his own decisions? Talk about loading something up with red-tape bureaucracy — not to mention the potential to politicize the process in a side show. What good will come from it? Confidence?

People expressed having no confidence in Pierson’s abilities, but who can have confidence in the process the Sec of Homeland Security laid out? Is this like some old “Get Smart” rerun? I’m waiting to see the shoe-phone ring with recommendations on what to do. Could he load that down with more bureaucracy? And that’s beside what Congress will say or do? Why does it raise even more questions about Johnson than Pierson’s leadership? That’s a Washington-style faith builder. At least it doesn’t revolve around Eric Holder.

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