Que Sera, Sera: what Biden will be will be

I’ve already decided, in the first week of January, that this is going to be the year of the backlash. And I don’t mean against the right or against Trump.

Trump’s own legacy stands just fine. The conservative base stands just fine. The Democrat Left has some accounting to do – or some accountability to reap.

We may have a running narrative in the media about Trump but the real backlash is coming against the Left. For what? Well, how about everything? Biden spoke to some Republicans post election and told them ‘I guess I’m the dog that caught the car.’

The guy who could not campaign or speak half the time, let alone articulate a real agenda. He was the perennial critic of the COVID response. He was the character critic of Trump. But that boomerang is coming right back to hit him in the forehead. He got the car.

He dodged the court packing agenda, which the left clamors for. He dodged the question about shutting down frackiing and those big green-deal plans. He dodged his agenda.

Though he agreed with both. He promised a commission to provide Court reforms. A great way to keep himself from being accountable. He selected a former president of a union for his Labor Secretary. He promised a big spending bill forthwith. He vowed to raise the minimum wage to 15 dollars pronto.

He said something I have not heard from a president before. When nominating his Labor Secretary, he said it is not enough that government protect unions but it must encourage, support, basically promote unions. Sound like boilerplate rhetoric? I don’t think so.

Biden said:

“Marty knows worker power means not just protecting the right to unionize, but en-cour-aging unionization and collective bargaining.”…”The government should en-cour-age the formation of unions. It also means protecting pensions, insuring worker safety, insuring workers are paid a minimum wage. /…making sure we have a trade policy where for every decision we make, unions are at the table, focused in winning good jobs for American workers….This is one of the most important departments to me.”

Marty said:

“Working people have been struggling for a long time under the erosion of their rights and the deep inequality of race, gender and class. For the last four years, they’ve been under assault — attacks on their rights, their livelihoods and the unions that built the middle class. We are facing hard times but nobody is tougher than the American worker.

And now, now we have the opportunity to put power back in the hands of working people all across this country. And that is a good thing for our economy and for the country. We can defend workers rights, we can strengthen collective bargaining, we can grow union membership.

We can create millions of good paying jobs with investments in infrastructure, clean energy and in high-tech manufacturing, along with the workforce training to help get those people into those good jobs. This team, the Biden-Harris team has the plans to make this happen.”

Harris says… “we will create millions of good paying union jobs.

Right to work anyone? How’s that for a super pro-union supporting agenda?
Mom and pop small businesses, meet your big pro-union government.

Joe also promised his Justice department would investigate incidents at the border — you heard about them for months — for any criminal activity. Who’s on that target list?

Bottom line: you can’t trust Biden. If he wanted to be a union organizer he should have been one. And the evolutionary backlash to Democrats will also be coming.

There are 3 major factions to the Democrat Party. The only unifying thing is their hatred of Trump. Without that, it is internal squabbles and infighting. Unions can’t help that any.

But let the backlash commence after January 20th. No honeymoon or vacation time.

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“Executive Cleanup in Isle One”

Never let a good title go to waste, so I won’t. Not to worry because we do have a mess of presidential proportion. You know it is bad when O’Reilly scolds people about using the word scandal because we just don’t have enough information or know, presumably, “IF” it is a scandal.

By coincidence, at MSNBC Lawrence O’Donnell said the same thing on the same night. Wow, everyone cautioning not to label the presscapade thing a scandal. We have to wait and see. And the IRS thing, at least now they have the report. Barry was saying before its release that “if this happened” (big if, they admitted it) “then there has to be accountability”. Where did I see this movie before? I’m sure I have, several times.

Then over on CNN, Wolf asks congressman Chaffetz if he thinks Benghazigate is an impeachable ordeal that the congressman seemed to be calling for it? Chaffetz corrected Wolf saying we cannot take it off the table. He added that impeachment was not their motivation or immediate objective. Of course that is lost on mainstream media.

To paraphrase them: ‘you mean the door is wide open to impeachment? – Wow!‘ Sure, it always is unless they forgot about our Constitution — that irrelevant ancient relic. For Bush, it was always an option, wasn’t it?

Now the Obama regime has its share of messes. Its like being at the grocery store seeing a couple of separate kids drop a jar on the floor. Whether it was intentional or not does not change the size of the mess. Someone has to clean it up. They may quickly run to the next isle but the mess remains. Hence, the “cleanup” reference.

So the AP story hits them where they live and breathe: in the back channels of the media — where stories are born and die. Having a grand inquisition into their phone records does not thrill them. But its okay when all the questions and heavy-handed government measures are used against the right, say snooping into their tax records, or detailed information about gun owners, or posting addresses of handgun permit holders. Then they overlook the dictocrat measures.

But sum it up, there is a heck of a mess, through how many departments and government? It’s a walking talking scandal from one end to the other. And some hesitate to overuse the word scandal. I will use it liberally. Sure some of it may not be a full-fledged scandal, but so much of it is. Taken together it paints the picture of a government out of touch with the realities around it. In fact, all that seems to matter to this government is politics and the regime’s Alinsky-style tactics, and their appetite to use them to their advantage.

All part of the same strategy, whether it be never let a crisis go to waste, Benghazi, terrorism, the energy problems, the war on terror, or its own duties that people rely on. And along with politicizing all parts of government, he has also scandalized much of it. Now we are cautioned about overusing the word scandal. But isn’t it just Scandalicious?

It is one big mess, and it all summons the president and his spokespeople, frequently, to the podium to make a non-statement about it trying to explain it away. Then, on top of it, we the people always get lectured. (funny how that works)

How many scandals or messes are there? I’ll try making a partial list. I don’t care if some say they aren’t all scandals, they are all symptoms at least of an out of control government that cannot be accountable for its own laundry. They usually have the nerve to turn the blame on the people, or others, as if that solves the problems messes. The word scandal is not an issue with this overwhelming mess.

There is fast and furious – dead officers and dead Mexicans
Gun-running here and in M/E
There is Benghazi
There is the IRS scandal
There is the phone records of AP reporters
There is the justice department — Black Panthers intimidating voters in Philadelphia.
There are the green scandals.
There is Solyndra and countless others, daily
there is the GM deal
there is the bailout fallout.
there is the stimulus — or is it stimulae or stim-u-lie
there is the EPA
there is the State Department and its handling of Benghazi
Don’t forget the labeling of the Fort Hood attack workplace violence.
There are his statements like “you didn’t build that” — some might argue they aren’t really scandals, but its all in his presidential excuses or fallout of such statements. And there are a slew of them.
There was the secret service one – pretty amusing one
there were the innuendo investigations of Petraeus and other military officials.
there were the Hagel problems and the Brennan appointment problems.
there is the drone campaign
There is the overall lack of accountability for anything he has done. (a big and important one)
There is the old racism canard… always sprouting new chutes.
There is ObamaCare and ‘pay to play’ (several others nested under the main one)
There is the birth control and contraceptive one — with lawsuits.
There is the “death panel” one and the denial. “”There are no death panels in ObamaCare…”
There is the main argument (and court battle) over ObamaCare “mandates”- states and otherwise
There is the battle over whether ObamaCare uses a tax or penalty
There are his many too radical for prime time appointments.
Selling F-16’s and tanks to Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhoods running Egypt.
Involvement in Arab Spring from beginning
Libya intervention from the beginning
The entire department of energy under Chu (the man is a walking scandal himself)
The Van Jones connection appointment
The statements to Russian Prez to be more flexible after election
The Keystone Pipeline – ongoing
The moratorium and battle of drilling
The sequester concocted by the president. (scandal and micro-scandal)
Telling governmental bodies to make the sequester cuts obvious to people.
The release of prisoners and blaming the sequester
Threatening cuts to border enforcement
The blaming of the sequester for TSA and every other governmental failure:
i.e. “Its the sequester, stupid!”
Fort Hood – workplace violence
Labor department and Boeing
Military pay and benefit cuts
His military cutting agenda
Spending and priorities
War on terror and Afghanistan become overseas contingency operations
Gun Control, handling the shootings in Newtown.
Fiscal Cliff — coming soon to a theatre near you.

Do I think I overused the word scandal, not a chance. The guy scandalizes his own proposals. Obama is one big radical scandal, and the more people that see him and his administration as such, the better for we the people. But don’t lecture US on using the word scandal or pointing out his failures.

Or… maybe its just time to replace the word scandal with the word Impeachment?