Sex, Lies, Media and cover ups

Sex scandal cover-ups matter…terrorist attacks not so much.

Conservative pundits may have miscalculated the election but those like Krauthammer were spot on about the Petraeus sex scandal. Leftmedia are covering that hot and heavy, every detail matters.

Apparently it has to be sex related before they care what a government official says and when he said it. But if it was a scandal about four dead Americans in a terrorist attack it becomes back-page news, if they cover it. And if the sex scandal is tied to the terrorism, then divert to the sex.

Poor Petraeus, one has to be the prez before sexual trysts are dismissed as private, consensual affairs – and not the public’s business. Gee, with all the interest, it could spark a new sit com or soap opera. “CIA director does the dirty” or “General gets his communication lines crossed”, “new rules for engagement”, “hot and heavy friendly fire”, or “Top Spy On the Sly”.

Obama made a movie about killing bin Laden, but we don’t even get a photo in the situation room when four Americans and an ambassador got killed. What’s wrong with that picture?

But they are always ready to cover a juicy sex scandal.(even better with pictures or Power Point) And the administration can even keep it quiet until after the election. Lesson learned, rules about sex scandals: never upstage the commander-in-chief – especially during an election.

And besides, in this case when they dug into one scandal they got a twofer bonus scandal. This should gve them something to talk about instead of boring hearings about a terrorist attack killing an ambassador and three other Americans.

I suppose when the comander in chief makes his campaign about women’s reproductive organs and a “war on women”, they could make certain accomodations.

Themes of Dreams

Convention time and they are talking about themes. The theme of Republicans is compliments of Barack Obama’s ” you didn’t build that”. No word yet what the Dems’ theme is but I already know: Hypocrisy. Attacking their opponent will be the subtext. Hypocrisy will take center stage…and remain there till the end.(Its always good to stick to the theme)

Criticize their opponent for his wealth and for not showing enough tax records while promoting a candidate that sealed his personal records then scoffs and ridicules anyone who asks. So to follow suit, maybe we should call them “the Taxers”.

They’ll talk leadership while having zero experience at it. They’ll say Romney and Ryan aren’t qualified, while Obama wasn’t qualified to be dog catcher. He does have his Ph.D in hypocrisy. The subject will be four more years when he can’t account for the last four. Everywhere hypocrisy will be on full display. And they are proud of it.

They’ll try to talk about fixing the country while they’ve done everything they could to rip it apart. Surely they will address the big deficit problem, while promising to spend more money. They’ll attack the plans of his opponent while not even being ale to get a single budget through in his entire term. And they will want to take both houses to give us more of that leadership they demonstrated in his first two years.

Then they will criticize the rich for “not paying their fair share”. Maybe they’ll make that the subtitle? Yes, Obama found another opponent to run against, besides the 40 straw men, rich people.

Plus, as Mad-Maddy Albright said, Bush will always be on the menu because there is always an appetite for it. They’ll touch on favorite topics like accountability while being accountable for nothing.

But the fearless theme drivers Democrats are, even before it all begins, Dems promised transparency on the funding for what they are calling “the people’s convention”. Oops, so they changed their mind to keep it a secret until long after the banners come down. No one should know who is funding “the people’s convention”.(maybe a secret Dems can keep?) So does that mean George Soros is taking an active role in the peop’s convention?

And all that will certainly mean a leading role for the lamestream media.