Media enemy of the State

What happens when the media becomes the enemy of the state? Well, we’re about to find out — if it hasn’t been getting clearer all along. It isn’t pretty.

There is no limit to how far the mainstream media zealots and agenda-driven hacks will go. They aren’t armed with the Freedom of Press but with a vendetta and an active imagination with a radical anti-American agenda. (like their messiah Obama)

Some will say, ‘but it’s good and necessary to have an adversarial press.’ Yes, but we are past that, way over that adversarial stage. We are in a new era of hate – resistance.

You can look at it this way, we now have an Independent Counsel investigation. We also have a press acting as if it were special prosecutors. That’s how they operate, with an assumption that they have all these extra powers, as lieutenants for the resistance.

So, in effect, we have the 2 major investigations in Congress. (plus the minor ones) both of them now coordinating with Mueller in the Special Counsel. Mueller feels he has de facto power, direct and indirect, over both of those bodies. And final word. Trump has O.

Then there is the press who thinks no rules apply to it — as if there are any in the other three. Media plays collaboratively off all three official bodies. They handle the steady leaks and anonymous sources, even creating their own news when needed to fill any gaps.

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There are now leaks coming from the Special Counsel — which we were told would be super tight-lipped. The media worried at first they would be shut out of the info flow because Mueller does not tolerate leaks. Now he appears to be accommodating media.

It is now a full blown coup on the White House.under a unified front. So it comes from multiple directions. Don’t think we are quite there yet? Look around a little more.

Meathead Media is now covering all the voices calling for Sessions to leave. They have their sites on him. More intel leaks are said to justify him leaving. They say he can’t remain. The same voices and media talking heads are also calling for the impeachment process to begin. Many more than Auntie Maxine are chanting impeachment as if there it were as inevitable as his inauguration. Almost like it was planned.

Whether anyone is leaving yet, at this point, they are out to totally shut down this presidency. Make it so unable to function that he cannot survive. That’s the objective.

It just gets worse all the time, as the left ramps up radicalization of all assets at once. With the media being in the center of all the the activity. The harder you look the worse it is.

Here is what News Busters just reported a day ago. Press risks all for its agenda.

At the forum, CIA Director Mike Pompeo took to the stage slammed The New York Times for putting the life of an officer at risk. “We had a publication, you work for Bret, that published the name of an undercover officer at the Central Intelligence Agency. I find that unconscionable,” he angrily declared to the thunderous applause of the audience.

But get this, they seem more concerned for safety of anonymous sources that provide them information than covert operators. This is serious stuff. They are now endangering our national security and our people on the ground. But then the NYT person who was interviewing Pompeo explained it this way — or tried to.

The Times claimed one of the reasons they published the name was because it had appeared in other articles. [their own] Their second reason was that Donald Trump was the president. “[Redacted] is leading an important new administration initiative against Iran,” they said.

Wow, totally outrageous and vindictive. Saying it is justified because Trump is president… which somehow gives them the right to name the person again, with personal information. This is nothing like Valerie Plame. This is real time intel they are messing playing with. Putting lives at risk, daily. Leaks, leaks and super leaks and no one cares.

What we have here is the CIA Director calling out the press right there live, at a security forum. Oh it might not be a hearing at the Capitol but this is even bigger. Right there on stage and people applauded Pompeo for bringing the heat. They deserve public shaming, not that it will work. Is it war?

This is not press or media, these are subversives acting out like seditious cells. That’s how they feel about Trump being President. Jeopardizing the nation’s security means nothing. Disdain for Trump above everything else. Hate rules, Resistance for resistance sake.

Radicals are lose.

And it seems, more and more every day, that not only are there real inherent conflicts and bias with Mueller’s entire team but that he is clearly out to extract a pound of flesh for Comey’s firing. Will he get it? Mueller went rogue from the start. Deep State. All weapons are out in a full assault. Media is at the center driving it all. Hostile enemies within.

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You don’t say…..mainstream media hasn’t or won’t, that’s for sure.
Washington Examiner

Federal contractor arrested for sending classified intelligence to news outlet

“A 25-year-old federal contractor is facing charges she leaked a classified National Security Agency document to a news outlet in May. The charges come about an hour after the publication of a story based on an NSA document detailing Russian attempts to hack American voting systems.

Reality Leigh Winner, of Augusta, Ga., is facing charges that she removed classified material from a government facility and mailed it to a news outlet. She was arrested on Saturday and appeared on the charge Monday.”

Read at Washington Examiner

Let me guess, a Hillary Clinton voter/supporter? Just a hunch, call me psychic.

Brennan no saint has dirty hands

Report: Muslim Sympathizers at CIA Behind Trump Leaks

Obama loyalists still at CIA fuel radical Islam
Jerome R. Corsi | – February 16, 2017 | Infowars

WASHINGTON, D.C. – It’s time to “drain the swamp” at the CIA, as former CIA Director John Brennan, a clear Muslim sympathizer, packed the agency with Obama loyalists determined to bring down the Trump administration.

Looking for anti-Trump leakers, President Trump needs to be as concerned about the CIA as the NSA.

Few remember that it was John Brennan’s private security company that was responsible for the breach of State Department files which sanitized the passport records (still never seen by the public) of presidential candidate and then-Sen. Barack Obama prior to the 2008 presidential election.

On March 21, two unnamed contract employees for the State Dept. and a third were disciplined for breaching Obama’s passport files. Two were found to be employees for Stanley, Inc., a security firm based in Arlington, Virginia, that was headed by former CIA agent John Brennan, who was then serving as an advisor on intelligence and foreign policy to Sen. Obama’s presidential campaign.

Brennan was an undergraduate at the American University in Cairo in the 1970s, where he studied Arabic. In 1976, he voted in the presidential election for Communist Party USA candidate Gus Hall. He speaks Arabic fluently, having served in the CIA as station chief in Saudi Arabia.

On Feb. 13, 2010, as President Obama’s chief counterterrorism advisor in the White House, Brennan hosted a public forum, co-hosted by the White House Office of Public Engagement and the Islamic Center at New York University, where he quoted a lengthy statement in Arabic which he didn’t translate for his English-speaking audience.


DNC feels the Bern — email dumps (and they weren’t from Hillary’s server)

Leave it to the Sydney Morning Herald, at least, to report it. Well, someone has to.

WikiLeaks trove plunges Democrats into crisis on eve of Convention

Paul McGeough July 23 2016 – Sydney Morning Herald

Washington: On the eve of the convention at which Hillary Clinton is to be confirmed as presidential candidate, the Democratic Party has been plunged into crisis – the US media is brimful of ugly and embarrassing stories from within the party’s head office, all based on 20,000 emails dropped on Friday evening by the anti-secrecy group WikiLeaks.

The correspondence seems to confirm allegations by the campaign of defeated Senator Bernie Sanders that the Democratic National Committee was actively rooting for Mrs Clinton to win, a revelation that will most likely serve as a wedge between the two camps and make it even more difficult for her to persuade Sanders voters to support her.

More at

Debbie has some ‘splaining to do, along with Hillary.

Update: DNC-Debbie will now have no role in the convention. Oops.

Leaks, Lies and Replies

Finally, Obama broke his solemn silence in speaking about one of many scandals surrounding him, the leaks. They never appeared to bother him much before. Basically, it’s the same statement Carney spouted.

But his idea of acknowledging the leaks is saying that to “accuse it of leaking” is “offensive” to the White House. Yea, that poor little White House getting victimized. And he called claims that the White House was involved in leaking classified national security information “offensive and wrong.”

 “The notion that my White House would purposefully release classified national security information is offensive. It’s wrong and… people, I think, need to have a better sense of how I approach this office and the people around me here approach this office.”

So between double entendre jokes he makes about his wife to the LGBTs, his favorite pastime is finding all the ways his White House is being victimized by people like you and me. Inhale that theme: the real problem with government is not the numerous ways it makes victims of us, but the White House being offended by people like you and me, by questioning its handling of classified information or conduct. Get it straight that we offend this office, his White House as he calls it, by being outraged over the leaks and questioning the source. See, it isn’t really the leaks that matter. Our outrage about leaks then becomes “offensive” to this White House.

Let’s see, Dems have already said that little thing called Fast and Furious — which no one leaks about — was just a “manufactured scandal” by Repubs. Wow, it took us a real long time to figure out how to make gun-walking to Mexico into a scandal. Hats off to whoever was able to fabricate that. [heavy sarcasm] They also call it a “created scandal”.  Now that we know Obama’s version of alternative reality, one thing we know for sure is his birth certificate or his records will never be mishandled. But then that wouldn’t be a leak; it would be a flood.

But it is clear that in a global economy, in a world so plagued with problems and economic troubles, that the most powerful office in the world could only see what appears to threaten it and Barack Obama. Outside of that there is no problem – and no scandal either. In other words, everything really only matters in how it effects him personally….not the nation, our reputation, our credibility, or our national security… just him personally.

(odd there is no statement transcript posted for Obama’s June 08  press conference, as of yet. Yet his June 9, weekly address is posted all over. Funny for his own press conference)


Forward and Downward

 That should be Obama’s new campaign theme.

As compared to “onward and upward”, which is exactly the opposite of Obama.

Obama adopted a campaign theme of “Forward” but actually under his dismal leadership we are headed downward at record speed.

  • Item: leaks, leaks and more leaks about defense and national security operations.
  • Item: foreign policy debacles… rather than the self-ordained expert the left claims.
  • Item: politicizing everything for his campaign — along his never-ending campaign.
  • Item: unemployment remains at stubborn highs especially among many groups.
  • Item: Obama’s war on energy — and in effect part of  his war on the economy.
  • Item: our relationship with Israel
  • Item: his treatment of our allies
  • Item: Obama’s promise to Russia to be more “flexibile” after his “last election”.
    [To Russia, with affectionate love]
  • Item: Fast and Furious coverup, along with the ongoing Dep. of Injustice.
  • Item: the debt denial and his arrogance of shoveling more big-spending on us.
  • Item: Obama’s obsession with “class wafare”.
  • Item: his persistent push to raise taxes.
  • Item: his air assault on the Constitution
  • Item: his attacks on and disdain for the Supreme Court
    (long an ally of  the socialist left)
  • Item: then politicized departments under his divissive, partisan leadership.
  • Item: ObamaCare, hovering like a huge funnel cloud over us.

Then another thing just scratches open an old wound. So many people now hail Bill Clinton for his wisdom. Conservatives are talking about the great politics of Clinton, as opposed to the radicalism of Obama. Do people remember the Clinton days? Oh those good old days between scandals and shell-shocking revelations, here and abroad?

Still, Obama has done something no one would have thought possible, make Bill Clinton look good by any comparison. I for one hate that political tactic, especially from the right. I resent even the thought and I don’t like that argument much better. The same thing applies to Hillary. Would anyone have thought that possible?