Obama’s unfairness doctrine


Obama tells us the buck stops with him. Except of course, how it stops with Bush; or Congress; or greedy businesses that “didn’t build that”; or Supreme Court decisions he doesn’t like; etc. He will always call for accountability on others while escaping from it himself. When he says he is responsible it is followed by an excuse or blaming someone else. When a problem happens tied to his administration, he is nowhere to be found or seen running away.

He’s the quintessential politician always in pursuit of the “gotcha moment” against his opponents, while he goes around criticizing gotcha politcs. He will be divissive while accusing others of “the politics of division”. He will claim to represent all the people while talking and catering only to his special interests, and castigating others.

He will show a lack of respect to our allies while claiming he is the best friend they ever had. He will jeopardize national security while claiming all he cares about is protecting America. He’ll claim to be the most caring commander in chief to the troops while asking them to pay more for services or undercutting their values in his policies.

He will claim to want a level playing field and everyone to “pay their fair share” but demand some people should not have to. He associates himself with monopolists who game the system and pay next to nothing in taxes, even making them advisors. Yet he’ll attack others for using loopholes to scam the system. He’ll demand loopholes for his prefered groups. He’ll say we cannot afford spending abroad on wars while unilaterally engaging in a new country using our resources and money.

He’ll accuse others of politicizing issues while he politicizes the same issues. He’ll call out others for their tone, while he sets a negative tone and divides people — like no one else. He will talk about and claim to be following the founders while he characterizes the Constitution as a flawed document.

He will stand up for those who protest while criticizing anyone in dissent with his policies. He will claim there is no red America or blue America while dividing America by color, race, ethnicity, sex, income, background, where they live or job.

He’ll claim to be fiscally responsible while not getting a single budget passed. He’ll claim he is lowering the debt while increasing it. He’ll claim to want a better future for America while he destroys the vision for our future. He’ll claim America is a great country while he attacks and criticizes America’s actions.

He’ll boast about having killed a leading terrorist and many others while banning the word terrorism from use everywhere else. He claims to be combating terrorism, while refering to it as workplace violence.

He’ll claim to endorse the free market and capitalism system while doing everything in his power to curtail or diminish it. He’ll claim to be reducing spending while proposing all kinds of new spending as “investment”. He’ll claim to be for “compromise” while stating he won’t give one inch on his plans. He’ll claim to oppose government mandates while instituting government mandates, even over state controls.

He’ll claim to support religious tolerance, while cracking down on freedoms and forcing laws on religious institutions. He’ll claim to stand for religious freedom while picking fights and forcing mandates on those of conscience. And he accuses others of religious intolerance. He’ll claim to stand for the rule of law while ignoring and refusing to enforce laws to suit his ideology. He’ll accuse others of being ideologues.

He says he supports an all of the above strategy for energy, while supporting only some of the above and attacking others.

He said he support traditional marriage, then refused to enforce existing law.

He says he’s for reform except then opposes it.

He wants to rein in spending while increasing his spending.

He says he is for choice but he opposes it.

He says he is against containment policies while supporting policies of containment.
He says he does what he says… then does not do what he said.

He claims to be totally transparent while he evades, hides the truth and lies. Then claims he is honest with the people.

He’s always telling us he is consistent while being inconsistent.

He’ll say his leadership is unquestionable while following the lead of his special interests; or leading from behind.

And he would claim all this is consitent with “social justice”, and his platform.