Mums the word…. just vote

Let me travel a little further down the evolutionary trail from Obama. You can blame him so far, for so long. So this is a tribute to the sycophant publik that put him in office, first and foremost the Democrats, progressives, liberals, whatever pseudonym they use. If you cast a ballot for him this post is to you.

What amazes me is how they geared up to vote for this pretender and then stepped back – twice. It’s typical of what Dems do, they elect them and then get out of town. When problems come they plead ignorance and, worse yet, have no clue what he is actually doing. But it is nothing new, they did the same thing with Bill Clinton. And sure enough, they are getting “ready” to do the same thing with Hillary-Bubba-Obama-Clinton.

Obama has plenty of problems, most of which were forecasted. But did the Libs care about that? They didn’t want to hear it. Now they revert to the fingers in the ears and don’t want to hear it as the catastrophe on steroids unfolds. In fact, they “moved on.” Now they are back into organizing to elect the next dictocrat. But in between times, or elections, they block out anything related to the decision they made.(just tune out) They assume no responsibility as the shit begins to hit the fan.

When the stories of scandal and abuse of power come out, where are they? Long gone. “I can’t hear you from here, I’m busy, isn’t the sky a beautiful shade?” Or then you get the boilerplate: “oh, they all do that.” Then comes the denials, “those aren’t scandals, it’s made up by Republicans, who just hate him. Next!” And that is about as far as you get.

Hell, they won’t even admit there are problems. So there is no responsibility for putting the guy in office in the first place. Yet in their arrogant defiance, they turn right to the next election and candidate. Hillary looks good! They’ve “moved on” alright. They left the building long ago. They know nothing after pulling the lever — all that’s required.

The only analogy I can think of is a dog peeing on the carpet. You point to it and say “see what you did, bad!” Even a dog will give you that look, he/she knows. Or when the broom comes out, they know what you are doing. They see that. A liberal or Democrat? There’s nobody home there. “La-ti-da-duh!” And they keep doing the same routine over and over. No accountability for the results; no responsibility for their decision. Just a blank stare.

So then when the King Barry prepares to burn down the suburbs just as predicted, they don’t have a clue or care. “Affirmatively further fair housing,” what problem? They think take the money and that will be that but they don’t know it comes with strings, as it always does. Play dumb, which they are very adept at. Then blame anyone but Obama’s policy for the results — or their support for him.

When feds take over local police departments, they say ‘show me the problem with that.’ Draw them a picture. Then they proceed to blame anyone else. Their willful ignorance is so very convenient. Benghazi popped up before an election. Dems didn’t care one bit. That shall not affect their mind in any way. When the IRS goes out of control, same m/o. Whistling past the graveyard….just as long as there are no whistle blowers playing a different tune. But in that event, attack them. Delay any investigations. Call it under investigation. And “move on” to worrying about the next election. “That is old news”.

The Dems pride themselves on their get out the vote campaigns. Resurrect the dead if you have to. Vote, and then get out of town. Whatever you do, do not take any responsibility for the person you elected to office. That is not part of the deal. You are absolved of any and all responsibility. Hey, what’s not to like about that arrangement of convenience?

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Hillary in the breach

Obama is anointed a second term. Hillary is on her way out. Anyone else get the feeling that no matter what Hillary did she would be the front-runner in 2016? She could have killed Qadhafi herself and drank his blood, then pilfered and burned his palace and the chorus would say, “you go, Hillary!” She could have done anything. People didn’t care and still don’t. “Off with their heads”, Hillary could say, and they’d cheer her on. What a way to rally the low information base.

Heck, she could have ignited world war III and they would still nominate her for the Nobel Peace Prize. I think Democrats set a precedent for that prize. It will now be automatic for any front-runner candidate. It will also be a prerequisite to have at least one scandal under your belt to qualify for nomination, bonus point for each additional one.

Maybe a juicy thing like paying hush money from the campaign is just the thing to capture the public’s admiration for you, if you are a Democrat. Or maybe you lack any experience or an employment history. Not a problem if you are a Democrat. And there’s that media you can always count on to assist your campaign. Remember them swooning over Edwards.

So Hillary should have no trouble at all. But then she must keep her eyes open for the next corrupt Democrat with a scandalous background hungry for a shot at the ‘big house’. She could be challenged. Plus she’s already been vetted, or so they’ll claim. She will be “the most qualified candidate in modern history”.

Best of all, even Democrats cannot believe her. So when she says she will not run, pay no attention whatsoever. She’s lying through her teeth. That is another qualifier, America loves a good liar, one that can tear up at the right moment for a cause. Keep them coming.