What a difference between Zimmerman and Gosnell

 I don’t remember the media being so concerned about the content of Sunday sermons before. That’s not usually headline coverage. Post Zimmerman verdict,  media wanted to know what pastors said, and they claimed pastors scrambled to  change their sermons.

 Okay, how many of them wanted pastors to speak about Gosnell or abortion? I don’t remember that call for concern. How much attention did they give that verdict? If the pastors did talk about it, then media and the left would accuse them of meddling in civil and political issues – since they claimed Roe/Wade is “politics”.

 Everyone is supposed to know Gosnell and abortion has no place in sermons according to the liberal left and secularists.  However, human rights? “Knock yourself out”, they only hope you will speak from the pulpits on that. Anytime, you don’t need a reason and you can weave the topic into anything. They encourage it.

 A genocide of 56 million and over 4 decades, no need to talk about that from pulpits, way too divisive. Better stick to human rights, social justice, love and peace. The courtroom seats went empty in Gosnell’s trial, but they didn’t miss a minute of this trial and ran almost non-stop coverage.

Now we know what is really important, so how many had sermons about Trayvon Martin, I wonder?

Notice the below article is Father Pfleger’s church in Chicago not the entire Catholic [C]hurch.

Catholic church protests Trayvon Martin killing

Gloria.TV – News Briefs  15/07/2013 

Father Pfleger [Photo credit]
CHICAGO (AP) — From pulpits to rallies, several black churches in Chicago joined the nationwide call for justice in protesting the shooting death of an unarmed black teenager in Florida.
The Rev. Michael Pfleger spoke out about the death of Trayvon Martin during Mass at St. Sabina Catholic Church, a prominent black Catholic institution. Churchgoers wore hooded sweatshirts, as Martin was wearing when he was slain Feb. 26. After Mass, nearly 100 people attended a rally outside the church where youth from St. Sabina performed poems and songs.
“The church has to rise up and get out of its sanctuaries and get into the streets,” Pfleger said.
Pfleger also wore the hood of his vestment robe over his head and called for racial justice. Pfleger is a white priest in charge of a largely black church, and has long advocated against violence.
During Mass in Chicago, Pfleger challenged the idea that children wearing hoodies should be treated as suspicious. One congregant held a sign reading, “We are all Trayvon Martin.”
From the U.K. photos of viiolence after the verdict

I bet there a whole lot of props they could have used for Gosnell or abortion.

UPDATE: I don’t believe or imply this is representative or speaks for the entire Catholic Church. And overall, they are very pro-life on abortion issues. There were many various churches mentioning it, as the media stressed. This is not to only single this one out.

Call me jaded on Benghazi coverage

That is, not on Benghazi story itself.

It seems there are a few notions floating out there in the media, distilling like swamp water. One is that Americans aren’t really tuned in or that aware of Benghazigate. Really? A few on Fox are peddling that one. In other words, what’s it take for American to pay attention to this and will they? I.e. “what can we do to make them pay attention?”

Someone missed the boat on that one, people are aware of it and more so aware of the big sack of lies that it is. And they know that four people were killed and an ambassador was assassinated…and that it wasn’t over a video. But I digress on that point. They know and care. (and people who don’t, there are always going to be some of those…there was with Watergate)

The other is selling this hearing process, complete with whistleblowers, as the be all end all. Lindsey Graham is a big salesman for that telling us the dam is about to break.’Stay tuned.’ Sorry Senator, heard that enough before. How many times have we heard that? I’m from Missouri now.

Yet another is just how big or important the story is, as if it has to rate on the Richter scale to qualify the story. Sorry, some of the best and biggest stories are ones Dems tend to or try to ignore as a flea bite. One thing I know is you cannot judge a story by how much the libs or mainstream media cares about them.

Remember the little nothings about the Tea Parties. There are a few, even in conservative media, who depend on Liberals’ rating system. Remember, from the folks who thought Mitt Romney’s doggy ride on the car was the bomb? Or the people who swooped in on Romney’s words about the 47%, and they now salute the guy who uncovered that “story” as a “national hero”? They still credit him with Romney’s loss.

So following the MSM and progressives jig does not do anyone justice. If anything it might be an indicator of how much the Left ignores or dismisses a story as to how important it is.

That said, following the Republicans lead on stories has not proved a huge value indicator either. They have promised a lot in the last years that they failed to deliver on, start with ObamaCare and think fast and furious. But it was not for lack of opportunities, they just could not prosecute and close the deal to an already jaded public. (some of us wonder if that was by intention or not)

Now many Repubs assure us that Benghazigate is a Watergate level story. Well, bust my bridges and tell me something I don’t know. But treat it like one, don’t just bloviate about how big it is. And see it through, unlike the other opportunities you’ve had to make the case on this Liar in Chief residing in 1600 Pa Ave. Or, as Nike says, Just do it. But it doesn’t take a political genius to know its a huge deal. People died, then they lied.

So Lindsey, when someone says the damn is about to break, show me the water. Don’t just cry me a river. Too many times Americans have expected action only to be disappointed. If all this chameleon liar has done does not confirm our worst suspicions, then shame on us. But instead of retreating at the intersection of spin central, press onward. Probe with bayonets not lollipops.