Mandatory voting….bring it on Obama

The Obama administration cannot even enforce the voter laws we have now, yet the prick-in-chief thinks it is wise to have mandatory voting.

Yep, Obama, try to enforce that. I could see the first time Feds hauled somebody “in” for not voting would cause a tidal wave the likes of which Al Gore never imagined.

Then if you really, really want to see administrations, politicians, and police all conspiring and involved in a witch hunt for political gain….knock your socks off and go for it. The rest of us sane people know that is asking for trouble. It should be listed as one of the worst ideas Obama ever had — there’s some stiff competition.

It would be the death-knell for Acorn and its affiliates. But Obama would probably find work for them somewhere in the massive political apparatus as a non-partisan group or NGO. Or maybe they could be used as brown shirt enforcers.

It’s likely another idea he trotted out that poll tested fairly well among Democrats. Just like most of the verbiage he spews from his central organ. Sounds good but smells like flatulence. It reveals he has no conscience or shame, but I repeat myself.