Rubio Con

There’s something really rich about Rubio running around calling Trump a con man.

So we have a one-term Senator who, after getting elected, abandoned the state and people that elected him to plot his run for President. Then he skips much of the meetings and votes. That’s all the Senate seat was a stage for him to run on.

Who is taking advantage of people? Who is the con artist? But people probably know my thoughts about what Washington elite politicians are anyway. And con man (woman) would be the perfect description of what they are doing. For which Marco is the poster boy.

Rubio must be stupid, or just ignorant, if he didn’t realize it could be thrown right back in his smug face. Rubio calling someone a con man? Talk about hypocrisy. He conned the people and the Tea Party to support him, so he could get into office of a job he doesn’t want to do. Screw the people. His answer is to tell them at least he is not running for reelection.

It is totally lost on Marco. Con on. Now he pledges to be a competent executive.
So we have a competition between two first-term Senators who staged their runs after getting elected.

Tales of Two Candidates

There are two candidates that I have questions about this week. They are Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio. I won’t get into the details everyone knows.

Maro Rubio is lying about Ted Cruz. He was basically pointing to Jeb and to Ted Cruz saying everyone’s hands are dirty on amnesty, so that is supposed to mitigate himself. He was a chief designer of the gang of eight and amnesty.He lies about Cruz supporting it by his amendment to kill it. Marco now wants to be credible that he doesn’t want amnesty. So Rubio’s plan seems to be to call everyone else a liar. Media is pushing Rubio.

Jeb Bush finally comes around to embrace his family. That was bound to happen sometime. Now he is desperate so his mother made an ad, what I call the “push comes to shove” ad.

Then at the debate he sort of accepted the “establishment” mantra about him. But the heirloom name is not the only thing branding him establishment. Then he employed the help of brother Dubya to help him in Iowa. in the last days he hands out a letter from George Dubya supporting him. So the I’m all by myself, Bush disassociation campaign he was running is over. It is the next heir to the Bush throne campaign after all. I say, “Read my lips. no new dynasty.” Jeb’s attack ads don’t appear to be working either.

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Stories R US

I was going to do a post on Obama’s statements and threats. But why give them more attention if we aren’t going to do anything about them anyway? They get plenty.

I thought about doing a post on Hillary’s latest lies. But they are just like all the other lies, and all the other posts. All blend into the septic stew.

I thought about doing one on the real principles Jesus espoused, you know, opposed to lessons liberals harp about. Nah. He drove the money changers from the temple and look where they went.

I thought about doing one of my trademark satires but they end up being too true.

Well, I did notice something weird about this presidential race. Everyone says it’s about the outsiders vs the establishment. It probably is; though this election also seems to be about story lines. Most every Republican candidate has their own story line they are pushing. Not to mention most of them also have a book.

They have constructed or extorted these story lines so that, in turn, it is not an election about a certain individual, it is about the story he/she is promoting. I’m led to think that we are supposed to vote for best story line. It’s not just an outsider story. It’s an outsider, non-politician, neuro-surgeon. It’s about a mega-mogul, celebrity, real estate developer and builder.

So with that background, someone like Cruz has a problem that even his story line is not that big of a deal. Then you have Carly vying for any attention as a woman and business executive turned politician. We’re not asked as much to judge their qualifications as their degree of separation from establishment and their creative story line. Some are naturally better at promoting their story lines than others.

I wonder if we have not now entered the age of the story lines in politics? Is that the natural extension of identity politics? I think it might be. Look on the ither side and you have Hillary running as … are you ready for it…a woman. Then she adds that she would be the ultimate outsider as the first woman. And she already has her own story line which she doesn’t even have to promote. Everyone knows it and does it for her. So the first woman, who was also first lady, married to the serial rapist president doesn’t really work but all the other parts of it are there for the extorting. Now, whether they planned or want it to, this becomes a battle of story lines. That is if you follow the tactics the left uses in politics. Obama was much the same way. The Kenyan, Indonesian black kid rise to president. (we’re still trying to digest that story line and some of us cannot)

Now Trump takes that to the next logical stage. He gave a speech wherein he goes on a rant talking about the details of Ben Carson’s story line — in brief: angry poor black kid to Christian, to top surgeon, to candidate. Media has already gone all-in after Carson’s story. Knocking the candidate’s story is a twofer for the media, it also attacks his trustability polls that are higher than anyone’s. Of course Jeb Bush’s story line that he tries to ignore is the third in line to the Bush dynasty. So instead he promotes his preferred story line, and also tells it in Spanish — a real plus in his case. That includes leaving out the part about Bloomberg’s Foundation promoting abortion around the globe. He tries to make it as attractive as possible.

So we also have Rubio pushing his Cuban ancestry, only in America, story-book story line. Christie pushes his tough guy prosecutor thug image. Trump pushes his anti-P/C story line which allows him the freedom to say just about anything that in some way fits or works in his favor. People seem to like that ballsy approach even if they occasionally blush. Kasich has his own story line, a player all the way. Oh, Carly promotes the ‘woman’ secretary to CEO, to president story. Fill in the others. Cruz may be out-storied.

Is it not about character or ability anymore but about the story line? You can expect that blunt approach from Democrats in the general election.(who are still searching for a black or Hispanic transsexual woman candidate – man doesn’t work) Whoever promotes their story line narrative the best wins. Bernie Sanders has his own story working. He and Hillary are vying for historical firsts. Trump is an expert promoting his. Do people just want a story? Are we bored with positions and policy preferring a narrative instead?

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See ya in the funnies, Marco


Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL), a 2016 GOP presidential candidate, said he believes that President Barack Obama’s first executive amnesty for so-called DREAMers—the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA)—is “important” and he won’t reverse it himself if elected president. He delivered these remarks in a Spanish-language interview he gave to Univision’s Jorge Ramos.


Nice speech though Marco, really good. I particularly liked that “yesterday” line. Who knew your candidacy had such a short shelf life?