Two wrongs don’t make O’Reilly right

How many ways is O’Reilly wrong? Start with a few obvious and recent ways. Last week he went hard after the Internet (or technology encompassing it). The old adage that money is the root of all evil has been revised by O’Reilly: the Internet is now the source of all evil. He went on a rant at how it was not structured in a way that benefits people, but that people create an alternative reality on the web and are increasingly drawn into it.

All the good flow of information at one’s fingertips is lost on O’Reilly. He sees it as bad. Maybe it needs government control to assure people use it correctly? Mary Katherine Ham tried to enlighten him, to no avail. He just blurted on how it was bad for people, namely kids. (urchins as he calls them) He even brought her back to argue the point.

WaPost reported Erik Wemple | February 18 :
Fox News star host Bill O’Reilly last night went after his fellow Americans. They’re too uninformed, he said.
To establish the point, O’Reilly relied on data, citing a 2011 Newsweek study showing that U.S. citizens who take the citizenship test given to foreigners perform miserably. How many couldn’t name the sitting vice president of the United States? Twenty-nine percent. A good 44 percent couldn’t define the Bill of Rights. After running through the numbers, O’Reilly said, ”That’s a disaster.”
To explain the point, O’Reilly didn’t rely on data. He merely argued that the main culprit for American’s poor level of informedness was the public schools. Then: “Number two, the Internet has created a generation of self-absorbed, addicted, distracted and ignorant people. The powerful machines, hand-held many of them, are diverting a lot of Americans away from real life. You can now create your own world on the net devoid of reality, and millions of Americans are doing that. The result is that a very few shrewd people are now wielding enormous power.”

Its the “Machines”, stupid! Sounds sci-fi-ish. Is there a book in it, “Killing the Internet”? As WaPo reported, they seem as dumb as before it. I want to blame the Internet for electing the DIC, but can’t. There may be a case to make on “information overload”… not so much for information overlord. Ease up on Newsweek – causes indigestion.

A second error is when he decided, based on logic known only to Bill, that Obama would approve the Keystone XL pipeline. He’s peddled that one a few times. First off, Obama is not really logical. He’s an ideological creature, as in ideologue. What would it benefit his ideology to approve it? Why would he spend so much political capital opposing it? He put it in the safe hands of John Kerry. I bet Kerry is telling him to approve it. The XL pipeline could benefit the same industry he is at war with – energy.

Obama has dragged his feet for 5 years but Bill assumes he’ll come to his senses and approve the Keystone pipeline.(possibly this year) I don’t get the rationale for that optimistic prediction. Maybe it is romantic wishful thinking. Whatever, he has yet to reveal the basis for his bold prediction. The folks and their machines might have a better handle on that than O’Reilly.

Or is auditioning as Carnac the Magnificent?

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