Obama’s Thugocracy

Barry’s campaign is now rolling itself into a non-profit lobby organization as an “issue advocacy” campaign. Anyone not see that coming?

That puts the lie to the mantra that it was ever a grassroots org from the beginning. It is a top down operation. It’s bad enough what Obama has done to politics and government, now he gives us a genuine thugocracy run out of Chicago, by his hand-picked thugsters, to carry it forward.

Here come the brown shirts.

The “revolving door” of Washington politics has been removed.


Obama Converts Campaign to Nonprofit to Push Agenda

President Barack Obama is converting the machinery of his re-election campaign into a tax-exempt nonprofit group to push his second-term legislative agenda.

The new group, Organizing for Action, will be headed by Jim Messina, who served as Obama’s 2012 campaign manager. The group, separate from the Democratic National Committee, will solicit donations from corporations and individuals to augment Obama’s legislative initiatives on such issues as climate change, economic programs, reducing gun violence or overhauling immigration policy.

The organization “will be an unparalleled force in American politics,” according to an e-mail sent to supporters by the campaign under Obama’s name. “It will work to turn our shared values into legislative action.”

The transformation marks the first time a president has reconfigured the pieces of a re-election campaign into an outside group formed for the express purpose of pressuring Congress to pass the administration’s agenda.[**i.e. lobby itself]

“Organizing for Action is going to be a very effective tool to organize people all over the country for the president’s agenda,” Stephanie Cutter, who served as Obama’s deputy campaign manager, said today in an interview on MSNBC. Americans “voted for change, they voted for action and they voted for a pretty specific agenda.”
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How’s that for change you can believe in? And before he is even sworn in for a second term. I can smell the elitism, from the people who ridiculed the Tea Party as “astroturf”.

That’s “change you can believe in”.

Meet the new “Chicago Outfit”

The brown shirts are coming, the brown shirts are coming…

Pre-debate Spin Saturates Media


The spin machine must be cranked up to max in Chicago and Washington. As the focus is shifting to the debates, the Democrats theme is that Mitt has had more practice and is fairly good at debating. (Gibbs, Messina, Axelrod et al) So the White House appears to be parsing expectations for Obama, at least the first debate – domestic issues.

“Gov. Romney is a very skilled debater,” said Obama campaign manager Jim Messina. His boss, by contrast, is long and windy, “so clearly the governor has the advantage.” — exactly what Gibbs said.

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/09/22/debates-obama-camp-downplays-expectations-romney-looks-for-game-changer/#ixzz27LUvCA12

I saw a consensus among Dem operatives pointing out Romney has done a lot of debate prep already and playing down the abilities of Obama. What reason could they have for patting Mitt on the back? It’s about winning and losing, just like the election. Hedging his bets. If debates don’t go well, Obama can dismiss them as irrelevant: “What really matters is the election”, they’ll say. Is that his strategy, to discount the relevance of debates as overblown?

If the media does not spoon-feed Obamessiah a victory: first declare it anyway, then they redefine the weight of debates. He’s usurped everything else he can get his hands on, so why not the debate process too? Thereby try to deprive Republicans of any claim of victory.

Or basically, just what you would expect from a self-serving jackass.

What Debates?

October 3, 2012
Topic: Domestic policy Air Time: 9:00-10:30 p.m. Eastern Time
Location: University of Denver in Denver, Colorado (Tickets)
Sponsor: Commission on Presidential Debates
Participants: President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney
Moderator: Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS)

The debate will focus on domestic policy and be divided into six time segments of approximately 15 minutes each on topics to be selected by the moderator and announced several weeks before the debate.

The moderator will open each segment with a question, after which each candidate will have two minutes to respond. The moderator will use the balance of the time in the segment for a discussion of the topic.


1st debate – Domestic Policy (Lehrer)
VP debate – Foreign and Domestic Policy
2nd debate – Town Hall: questions foreign and domestic policy (Crowley)
3rd debate – Foreign Policy (Schieffer)