To sue or not to sue?

Cavuto tears into Michele Bachmann on Boehner’s announcement to sue the executive branch.

Cavuto kept yelling “why not just fix it?…. Rome’s burning and you’re filing.” What “fix it” he was referring to was not clear.

But not until the end of the program does he say the solution is to start “talking” to each other. So Rome is burning and the solution is “start talking to each other”?

Nothing short of impeachment is going to do what the legislative branch is supposed to do. Boehner says Obama has not “faithfully executed the law” but says the suit is not about impeachment.

WH press secretary Josh Earnest projected that it would not “be very warmly received by the American public”

So? What Obama is doing is certainly not very “warmly received” by the public, but that doesn’t curtail his shenanigans.

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