Thoughts — minimum wage

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Just Gene
      There have been many well written and truthful articles concerning the dangers of a minimum wage. They pointed out some of the problems created, such as eliminating work entry jobs, prohibiting those new to the work force from learning the basics of steady employment, and also the increase in unemployment because companies cannot afford to carry such a large payroll and stay in business. But I see a much more dangerous outcome whereby those the minimum wage was promised to help are being totally destroyed because of it.                                                              
      Raising the minimum wage from $7.25 to $9.00 is an increase of over 25%. Anyone who now makes $9.00, doing a more technical job, is going to demand a 25% raise to $11.25, and those making $11.25 will demand their wages be raised, and so on, and so on, ad infinitum. The only way a business can now exist is to sell their goods and services at a higher price. This lowers the purchasing power of everybody, but the people hurt the greatest are the very one the bill promised to help. Regardless of what the government says, i.e. food and fuel are not part of the consumer price index – THEY ARE, and the less someone earns the greater the amount of their income is spent on EAT and HEAT, or putting gas in their car so they can get to work, (if they still have a job). So they can now buy less when they were told they would be better off with the higher minimum wage!!!!!!
      ANYONE who believes their political party is the good guys and the other political party is the bad guys has never watched a cops and robber television show. In the law enforcement industry it is known as, ” The good cop – bad cop routine”. The police are trained how to lie effectively so they can get the perp to do and say exactly what they want the perp to do and say. There is absolutely no difference between what the police do and what the politicians do. The politicians lie to get people to do exactly what they want done. Isn’t it amazing that if a citizen lies to a congressional committee they go to jail for perjury, but when an elected official lies to the government, i.e. WE THE PEOPLE, it’s considered politics as usual. Just like what happens to the perp in the cops and robbers TV show, the politicians make sure
A politician a day keeps your income away