MSNBC on Rigged Elections

From the oddest source on the topic, in MSM, even Morning Joe attacks phony media hype about Trump’s reference to rigged elections. What a collection of truth.

Well, and they didn’t even mention the Al Franken race that went on for how long? (I think he gets some kind of record)

MSNBC for one said it. They decided right away they didn’t want to die on that lie.

H/T to Conservative Tribune

Morning Joe grief counseling on Hillary

Morning Joe dumps on reacts to Hillary’s server mess.

Mika says, if she wins the nomination “I’d vote for her.” But then how do you get there?

Mika sounds warnings about “candidates pretending that things don’t exist.” Welcome to Hillary’s world. Then came the sobering proverbial question of the decade: “I’m going to believe you…and you think the American public is that stupid? That’s very insulting.”

Yes, apparently they do if people say they would still vote for her anyway.

Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager issued a memo August 13th, wherein he said Republicans are mired in a “bizarre and contentious primary”. So it’s the Republicans, stupid! I don’t see any of them mired in scandals, pretending they don’t exist.

Even lamestream media acknowledges the problems and lies contradictions. Strategy: Deny and ignore that Hillary’s problems even exist.