Libya terrorist outpost

Remember Obama’s Libya adventure with his heiress in waiting, Hillary? Well, it has turned into a failed state. Gee, thanks, Obama/Clinton.

Now Libya is the next operations center for the ISIS caliphate. (you know, the caliphate Obama will not admit) So leadership for ISIS has been flooding into the area.

ISIS Leader Moves to Libya

by Pete Hoekstra
IPT News
February 16, 2016

The barbaric and elusive Chechen commander who recruited British executioner “Jihadi John” has moved to Sirte, Libya to assume control of ISIS operations in the terrorist organization’s metastasizing Mediterranean caliphate.

The Investigative Project on Terrorism first learned about the movement of Abu Omar al-Shishani – among the world’s most-wanted terrorists – through its exclusive Middle East sources. Other news organizations later confirmed the account.

Western intelligence officials believe that up to 6,500 ISIS fighters – twice the number previously thought – have relocated to Libya as a result of coalition airstrikes on ISIS in the Middle East and new difficulties entering Syria.


Yes, funny how Obama never mentions Libya, and the only time Hillary mentions it she mocks a political conspiracy of VRW that is out to get her. Conspiracy?